11 Workout Clothes That Can Be Worn To Real Work

Finding time to hit the gym before work can be quite difficult, especially if you want to get more than a few hours of sleep the night before. That's why wearing workout clothes to the office can not only allow you to maximize your wardrobe, but also your precious time, so you don't have to do a full change of clothing before or after your workout. This idea might seem a little crazy, though. I mean, how are you going to wear workout clothing to the office without looking completely silly?

Since most of us probably work in places that have some kind of dress code, be it formal or informal, the idea of wearing your workout gear to work might seem like a good idea only if you want to be fired. However, the line between workout clothing and work clothing has become thinner and thinner the last few years, as designers have stepped up their game to create apparel that is both suitable for the gym and the board room.

Opting for work-appropriate workout gear allows you to maximize your time and clothing, but it also helps you stay comfortable. Think about how great it would be to wear your cozy, soft, flexible exercise gear to work and not be itching to get home and put your sweats on? If you're a normal human, probably pretty darn good.

You can also take some of these pieces and mix and match them with traditional office attire for days you aren't working out, or when you want to dress up your look a bit. There are really no rules for doing this! So without further ado, here are 11 workout items that can also be worn to actual work.

1. The Dressy Yoga Pants

Straight-Leg Dress Pant Yoga Pants, $70, B etaBrand

Also Consider: Rekucci Ease In To Comfort Fit Straight Pants, $32, Amazon

They may look like dress pants but surprise — they're actually yoga pants in disguise! Made of rayon, these pants allow you maximize comfort, but are also tailored in the style of dress pants, giving you the best of both worlds. Seriously, no one but you will ever know the wiser about these and you'll be comfortable even on your longest office days.

2. The Workout Dress

Women's Sleeveless Fitness Dress, $7, Sears

Also Consider: Women's Racerback Sleeveless Tank Maxi Midi Dress, $20, Amazon

This dress is a great choice thanks to its loose fabric and stretchy waistband. Sears suggests wearing it like an oversized tank top that you can layer over shorts, leggings, or yoga pants for your workout and by itself afterwards. The midsection allows you to change the fit and length of the dress, so you can wear it higher up for working out and lower on your waist for when you're sporting it as a dress to the office.

3. Denim Jeggings

Cropped Denim Leggings, $50, Spanx

Also Consider: Miraclebody Cropped Denim Leggings, $45, Amazon

If you work in a more casual office environment in which denim is considered appropriate or are having a casual Friday at your place of employment, these jeggings from Spanx are a great option! They're designed for working out — as they're made from one of the largest undergarment and sports apparel brands out there — but also look exactly like jeans. If you ask me, I think this crisp, white pair also adds a level of chicness to these pseudo trousers.

4. The Hybrid Tank Top

Women's Plus Burnout Tank, $11, OldNavy

Also Consider: RBX Plus Workout Cotton V-Neck Tank Top, $15, Amazon

This plus size workout option is so graphic and detailed that you can't tell it's made for exercise from afar. This is a great tank top to use for layering as well, and a cute blazer or sweater would add a touch of sophistication to this top.

5. The Plus Size Fitness Dress

Surplice Fitness Dress, $25, Amazon

Another plus size option, this fitness dress seriously looks like it's made for the office with its wrap look, but is actually designed for working out. Because of how neutral it is, you can really dress it up or down as needed.

6. The Structured Sweatshirt

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Popover Sweater, $295, Intermix Online

This sweatshirt combines the perfect balance of structure and comfort. Because of its broad shoulders and tapered bottom, this sweatshirt can easily look like a blouse paired with a statement necklace or scarf for work, but is also a great companion to wear for your workout. The sweatshirt also has cutouts on the back that provide maximum comfort while looking highly designed and tailored.

7. The Soft Tunic

Enlightening Long Sleeve, $35, Amazon

This comfortable poly-spandex blended top is the perfect option to keep you cool as you hit the gym and effortless as you go into the office. The deep cranberry color makes this top seem very dressy, as well as the rouged neckline. It's the perfect gym-meets-work top!

8. The Multi Purpose Cardigan

Cycle Cardigan, $37, Yoox

Also Consider: Women Gym Hoodie, $19, Amazon

Isn't this just the chicest jacket you've ever seen? This piece really embodies the workout-clothes-meet-the-streets vibe in fashion right now and is the perfect layering piece to wear just about anywhere.

9. The Lightweight T-Shirt

Go Om Short Sleeve Tee, $58, Lululemon

How cute is this t-shirt from Lululemon? It says right on the website that this top is designed to go from the gym to the rest of your life, and it has a naturally breathable and loose feel that is meant to make it easy to layer. "We designed this lightweight tee to be the perfect layer. The relaxed fit and cropped length give us room to let off post-practice heat while the super-soft fabric helps us ward off chills," the brand writes on its website.

10. The Mesh Top

Mesh Trim French Terry Active Top, $20, Avenue

This top is the perfect item to wear to the gym and then take to the office, since it's structured enough to work for work, but also has a loose fit that is screaming "wear me on your run!" The mesh on the bottom and sleeves also adds a fun detail to the top that looks innocent enough, but will help to you keep you cool as you sweat it out.

11. The Classy Hoodie

Marled Knit Hoodie Top, $19, Forever21

Also Consider: Avenue Marled Hatchi Hoodie, $29, Amazon

This hoodie from Forever 21+ looks amazing because of its tunic-like cut and subtle hooded neckline that make this hoodie perfect for the gym and the streets. I love how the model is wearing the top and this is definitley a great look you could take to the office. The hoodie is casual enough that you could obviously wear it while working out, but has elements of style that make it anything but a plain sweatshirt.

Images: Courtesy Brands