6 Cold Brew Coffee Ideas For When Drinking It Straight Simply Is Not Enough

I've said it before, and I'll say it again — coffee is bae. But cold brew is like coffee's younger, hipper, and cooler brother — it's perfect for having a summer fling with once the weather heats up. (Don't worry, coffee won't mind... that much.) Cold brew's strong, bold flavor is ideal for making the perfect icy beverage. Heck — it’s even great when it's microwaved! But these cold brew coffee ideas will make you see that there’s so much more to this miracle drink than you ever thought possible.

Cold brew coffee has been skyrocketing in popularity lately, because it's super-concentrated, and many companies have even been experimenting with small, specialty batches — kind of like the coffee-version of craft beer. But since there's so much more to life than a great cup of coffee (I know, I know, it's hard to believe), it’s time to discover all of the amazing things you can do with cold brew that aren't, well, drinking it straight.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with an old-fashioned iced coffee, but it's possible (and encouraged) to step up your cold brew game, and use your extra-concentrated coffee in dinner, desserts and, yes, even cocktails.

Here are six things you can (and totally should) make with cold brew coffee.

1. Mocha sorbet made with homemade cold brew

Caffeine and chocolate? Oh, heck yes. Offbeat + Inspired has the perfect recipe to get you through dessert... even if dessert happens to fall during the middle of the day. This sorbet actually uses freshly made cold brew coffee to get its rich flavor.

2. Bubble iced coffee

This recipe from Hummingbird High is like bubble tea, but better... because there is more caffeine.

3. Mocha popsicles

That 3 p.m. summer afternoon slump has officially met its match with these mocha popsicles from A Cozy Kitchen.

4. Coffee BBQ sauce

Say hello to your new summer grilling staple from How Sweet It Is. Coffee just won the backyard barbecue game.

5. Cold brew ice cubes

Set aside some of your cold brew to freeze into ice cubes, and then use them to keep your iced coffee cold without watering it down. Coffee on top of coffee? You can't lose. The Kitchn shows you what to do.

6. Cold brew and bourbon cocktail

Elevate your summer brunch drinking with this bourbon and cold brew cocktail from A Better Happier St. Sebastian.

Images: Offbeat + Inspired; Hummingbird High; A Cozy Kitchen; How Sweet It Is; The Kitchn; A Better Happier St. Sebastian