These 7 Hillary Clinton Quotes On Race Relations Prove That She Gets It, Or Is At Least Trying To

Hillary Clinton has made it clear that equality is a major part of her 2016 presidential campaign, whether that's in regard to gender or sexuality or race. Along with her Democratic competitor Bernie Sanders, Clinton continues to give impassioned speeches about race relations in the U.S., both at campaign events and in response to tragic events like the Charleston shooting in June. In a Facebook Q&A on Monday, Clinton declared that "black lives matter," positioning herself as an ally for the nationwide movement. Clinton's past quotes on race show not only that she recognizes that America lacks racial equality, but also that she prioritizes it as a major problem for the country.

America's systemic racial discrimination is becoming harder to ignore — finally, the number of unarmed black people killed by the police, fatal racially motivated attacks, and the disproportionate amount of people of color in jail are gaining the attention of the press and public. Clinton is positioning herself as the "equality candidate," and her focus on race issues suggests that, as president, she would aim to stand up for all types of civil rights and work to better the nation's race relations.

Here are seven of Clinton's most powerful quotes on race relations in America.

On Black Lives Matter

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During the Facebook Q&A, Clinton was asked: "As the leader of this nation, will you advance a racial justice agenda that will dismantle — not reform, not make progress — but will begin to dismantle structural racism in the United States?" She responded:

On The Charleston Shooting

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Following the Charleston shooting that killed nine at a historically black church June 17, Clinton talked about America's racism problem in a speech at the U.S. Conference of Mayors. She said:

On The Confederate Flag


Also in relation to the Charleston shooting, Clinton condemned the use of the Confederate flag, saying:

On The Criminal Justice System

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In a speech at Columbia University in April, Clinton acknowledged that the U.S. criminal justice system racially discriminates. She said:

On Race In Elections

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When speaking to the American Bar Association in 2013 about racial discrimination in elections, Clinton said:

On Voting

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In a speech at Texas Southern University in June, Clinton called for a reform of America's voting system, pointing out that the current system makes it much more difficult for minorities to vote in elections. Clinton said:

On Ferguson

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In response to the 2014 Ferguson riots that erupted after a police officer fatally shot Michael Brown, Clinton asked white people to put themselves in black people's shoes, saying:

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