10 Amazing Bachelorette Party Cakes That Aren't Penis-Shaped, Because, Yes, They Do Exist

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I've lost a lot of time recently. Why, do you ask? Well, I realized a friend of mine from high school is a cake decorator. Sounds amazing, right? And it is, if by amazing you mean I spend hours and hours going through her cake albums on Facebook, doubling the (already worrying) amount of time I spend fantasizing about cake. It's a beautiful, delicious, waste of time. And I love it. As I'm sure you love cake as much as I do, I decided to bring you the best bachelorette cakes.

But when I looked for them, most of them were just dicks. And yes, some were amazingly realistic, or downright frightening, but I appreciate a bit of creativity. So none of these pics are a straight-up penis. Because, who knows? Maybe your Nana wants to come around to the bachelorette, and hopefully her eyesight is bad enough she thinks it's a veiny zucchini, but maybe it's not. Or maybe you're not one for cliches or cheesy traditions. So these are some of the best, family-friendly (mostly!) options I found for your bachelorette party.

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