You Should Be Excited For 'Hannibal's Time Jump

Undoubtedly, many of you are still reeling from the game-changing events of last week's Hannibal episode, which resulted in Dr. Lecter voluntarily turning himself over to the police after Will Graham basically broke up with him. But as this FBI profiler should've suspected, our beloved cannibal refuses to be ignored. (Nobody puts Hannibal in a corner, Will!) So now that the good doctor is behind bars, fans can expect to see a whole new dynamic develop between Lecter and his former dinner companions, especially now that Hannibal will be introducing a three-year time jump since the horrifying happenings over at Muskrat Farm. (A place I never intend on visiting, FYI.)

Now, time jumps in general tend to be a bit tricky. On the one hand, they can be a great way to advance the plot and force things forward, but at the same time you don't want the audience to feel like this is no longer the show they originally signed up for. But given how impeccable Season 3 has been executed thus far (making the undeserved cancelation sting all the more), I have every confidence that Bryan Fuller will make this transition a flawless experience for all involved. However, it never hurts to be overly cautious, which is why I've rounded up a list of things I hope to see when we take that deep dive into the future. But tread lightly. I hear there may be dragons in our midst…

The Tooth Fairy In Action

As many of you already know, Richard Armitage will take on the role of Red Dragon's Francis Dolarhyde, a serial killer of families who gets coined with the name "The Tooth Fairy." But don't expect this guy to leave any money under your bed. He is bad news and forces Will to come out of retirement to help track him down. I'm looking forward to seeing Armitage's take on this iconic character and hope that we get to see "his design" in action. Something tells me it's going to be downright terrifying.

Will Graham Happily Married

More often than not, we're used to seeing Will on edge most days. (I suppose a common side effect when you have the ability to get into the minds of killers.) But now that his future wife, Molly Foster, is about to come into the picture, I'm hoping we get to see a lighter, happier side to Will… even if it's only for a few short moments.

Alana Bloom Being A Badass

Now that we've come to see this tougher, fierce side to her, it'd be a shame if she ended up reverting back to how she was when the show first began. Perhaps she's helping Margot run the Verger estate, though personally, I'd love to see her take up the post as Hannibal's psychiatrist. Given their rather intimate history, it should make for some rather interesting interactions, especially now that she's adopted this new badass attitude.

A Power Shift In The Will & Hannibal Dynamic

Now that there's a new killer on the loose, Will is going to be forced to seek council with the one man he swore to forget: Hannibal Lecter. This reunion should prove to be a rather ironic twist to their relationship since it wasn't all that long ago that their positions were reversed. Now that Hannibal is the one behind bars, we may sense a bit of a power shift between the two characters. Though knowing Hannibal and his knack for mind games, he'll probably still managed to have the upper hand even in handcuffs.

Flashbacks To Dolarhyde's Past

In order to fully appreciate this new character, we need to see what makes him tick and how exactly he became this way. Flashbacks would be the best way to do that and offer viewers some much-needed insight into the mind of this killer.

Prison Cooking Classes

I'd hate to think that Hannibal's imprisonment would mean we'll no longer get to experience the joy (and horror) of watching him cook. It just wouldn't feel like Hannibal otherwise.

More Bedelia

Last we saw, Hannibal's fake wife was still in Florence with the police. Let's get her back into the States and see how her relationship with Hannibal is holding up after all this time. Not to mention we need to learn more about her backstory if for no other reason than to give Zachary Quinto some deserved screen time. Plus, she's Gillian freaking Anderson. The more we see of her, the better off we'll all be.

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