Rihanna Wore Sexy Sleepwear So Here Is How To Recreate The Comfortable Look In Every Size

There is no question that Rihanna is a free spirit when it comes to most things, including her outfit choices. is a whole world of intensity and I cannot stop lusting over it. From pairing boyfriend jeans with Puma sneakers to that risqué, Swarovski gown, the Grammy-winning singer is all about taking sartorial risks. Recently, while drinking wine and strutting the streets of New York. I mean, how luxe and fabulous is that?

The singer donned a lace bralette underneath her silk robe top on July 21. The silk robe top came with matching silk bottoms, of course, which she sported as well. The beautiful detailing on the silk pajamas added a nice, feminine touch to the look. Plus, she topped off the ensemble with furry heeled sandals for the ultimate seductive evening out getup (sort of).

When I was younger, I always craved the attire from the music video. This superstar may or may not have been inspired by the '90s music video as well when she decided to rock this look. Even if RiRi did not have this video in mind, though, she sure did a good job at turning bedroom wear into street wear. The 27-year-old fashionista is always going against the status quo when it comes to style, which is why she is such a huge icon to me.

Want to try out the sexy sleepwear trend, too? If so, here are nine clothing pieces in a size inclusive range that will help you achieve the look.

1. Satin Sleep Shorts

Free People Sensual Satin Cascading Petal Shorts, $58,

These satin sleep shorts can definitely be worn outside. The petal cut at the bottom adds a girly feel to them. Plus, these bottoms are great for the hot summer days ahead. Now you can be sexy without being super sweaty. Win!

2. Chiffon Sleepwear Set

Oscar de la Renta Tying The Knot Woven Pajama Set Plus Size, $38,

I can picture RiRi eyeing this desirable chiffon sleepwear set. The top is very sheer due to its chiffon material so it may seem a little risqué for some. If you are a bold woman like Rihanna, though, you will not have a problem with that. If this is a little too much for you, I suggest adding a robe on top to cover up.

3. Lace Top Robe

Flora by Flora Nikrooz Plus Size Heavenly Lace Top Robe, $58,

All jokes aside, you should order this night robe just because of the stunning lace detailing. Layering this robe over a lace bralette will make for the best sexy sleepwear look you have ever sported. You will look so hot that you will want to have a "nightcap" with the hottie you have been eyeing at the bar. Red light special anyone?

4. Strappy Lace Bralette

Floral Lace Strappy Bralette, $20,

This lace bralette is similar to Rihanna's but with a twist. The strappy detailing adds a little edginess, which the Grammy-wining singer is all about. Plus, the price is so good that you cannot beat it.

5. Laced Deep Plunge Teddy

ASOS Lace Deep Plunge Teddy, $55,

If you have not noticed already, this post is all about the satin and lace combination. This teddy is another item that Rihanna would probably buy if she knew about it. The deep plunge has lace detailing, which is so alluring that I cannot take my eyes off of it. This sleep bodysuit is probably too revealing for some to wear in the everyday, but you can always toss some satin sleep shorts on top to rock this look outdoors.


ASOS Girls Just Wanna Have Funds Pajama Set, $44,

Girls just wanna have fun and this pop star knows all about that since she dropped her latest hit single "BBHMM." I can picture Rihanna walking the streets on Los Angeles in this set. Plus, the fit of these PJs is quite oversized, which is even more perfect. Let's have a sleepover and discuss collecting funds together, Ri!

7. Fuzzy Sandals

Jeffery Campbell Cookie Faux Fur Heeled Sandals, $140,

Your look cannot be complete without some faux fur heeled sandals. These all white numbers are so '90s yet so perfect. These heels will take your sleepwear look to another level of sexiness. Wear them on date night so your counterpart will want to just take you home for dessert (wink, wink).

Images: Getty Images; Courtesy Brands