27 Times Drake Influenced My Personal Style And Nothing Was The Same

I was asked recently about my personal style and while I could easily rattle off some of my female influences, I could definitely not deny that I take a lot of inspiration from men's fashion — particularly from those who aren't afraid of keeping things casual, getting a little gaudy, or doing a little bit of both. Yes, I am talking about Drake's fashion sense.

When I asked two of my friends if they thought my style was influenced by Drake, they were in total agreement. My friend Britt, a super talented writer, said, "His jewelry! How he wears rings and stuff," while my friend Katie, the funniest comedian ever, said, "To me his look is very boy enlivens sweat pants by throwing on a chain before the winter formal." They pretty much hit upon my exact desired aesthetic: Gaudy but comfortable.

Recently, Meek Mill decided to start trouble on Twitter with Drake and everyone seemed surprised that Drake was Meek's latest target. To me, Drake is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and even the face of a "friend" on his t-shirt (looking at you Meek Mill). And while I am not about to get Drake's name tattooed on my forehead, I am still a proud member of #TeamDrake so it's only right that I celebrate some of the things that make Drake one of my personal style icons.

1. Sweats

We like comfort to be a part of our everyday looks because we can make anything look good.

2. Timbs

Timbs go with every outfit and from the looks of it, Drake and I try to wear them with just about everything.

3. Glasses

We both look like gaudy nerds in the most stylish way possible.

4. Chest Looks

Sometimes, you gotta remind 'em what you're working with.

5. Denim

Drake wears A LOT of denim, more than me at this point, but I am working on it.

6. Selena

So when Drake posted this picture of Selena, I freaked out! Selena is one of my hugest style inspirations and has been since forever. I even did an entire collection inspired by Selena named Moonchild (the name of Selena's clothing line).

7. Letterman Jacket

I actually bought a letterman jacket because of Drake; that is not a lie. I also wore it with a t-shirt that I got from the Selena museum as I am sure Drake would probably do, too.


I definitely went to see Drake's tour the year he wore this tank top and then shamelessly tagged him in the caption of this vintage shirt I was selling in my shop.

9. '90s Colors

We both aren't afraid to wear bright colors or look like we stepped straight out of 1992.

10. All Black

All color or no color, we'll kill it either way.

11. Self-Promotional

Though Drake's most recent mixtape was dropped Beyoncé style, he pushed Nothing Was the Same real hard. Sometimes you gotta just put it on a t-shirt.

12. Beanie

Because girls love Beyoncé.

13. Repping Cities We're Not From

No matter how much love he shows for Houston, Drake's not actually from there. And Brooklyn can adopt me anytime. Just saying.

14. Formalwear Killa

When we need to class it up, we clean up nicely.

15. Horizontal Stripes

Although I'm sadly not pictured with Nicki Minaj in my photo, I love a good horizontal stripe.

16. Gold Chain

A gold chain is really all you need to make a look.

17. Fur

We could kill it at the winter formal together.

18. Aaliyah

We aren't afraid to wear our love for Aaliyah. OK, him more seriously than me, but still.

19. Round Sunnies

I guess they work for our face shape or something. Peep my Drake earrings.

20. Camo Jackets

Camo goes with everything.

21. Red Plaid Buttondowns

OK, I really wore this shirt because of Beyoncé's "***Flawless" video but still.

22. Beard/Hair Thirst

So Drake's beard has thirst levels at an all-time high. I can't actually compete with that but when I change my hair, people definitely notice.

23. Gaudy Wear

Nothing wrong with looking a little Versace, Versace, Versace.

24. Beach Looks

Because sometimes you have to be fully clothed at the beach.

25. Jerseys

Drake may love jerseys almost as much as denim. It's a close call.

26. Scarves

You can still look fly and keep warm.

27. Worst Behavior

And finally, I made tees with lyrics from "Worst Behavior" so clearly, game over.

Images: champagnepapi/Instagram; readytostare/Instagram