9 Liberal Tattoo Ideas For Democrats In Red States

Sometimes it's hard to express your liberal beliefs when everyone around you is a staunchly conservative Republican. What better way to make your political leanings clear than with some permanent body art? Tattoos for Democrats living in Republican states could act as a form of protest, or just a personal disclaimer. People would instantly know not to discuss their upcoming pro-life rally or spout off anti-gay marriage jokes around you, and it might even help you meet other like-minded Democrats in your predominantly red state.

Living in a red state as a flaming liberal can be very trying — constantly being bombarded with opposing views and being forced to have the same arguments over and over gets old fast. If you don't want to make such a strong first impression with a visible tattoo, you can always get a Democrat-inspired tattoo somewhere usually hidden by clothes, so you still have some liberal inspiration when you see it. The extra boost of encouragement might help you stay sane when your local legislature proposes a new abortion ban, pro-gun law, or welfare cut.

Here are nine liberal tattoo ideas to help Democrats living in red states outwardly express their true political leanings.

Hillary Clinton's Signature

There's no better way to show your full support for Hillary than by permanently inking her signature on your body.

Gender Equality

This gender equality symbol will let everyone know that you think women should have all the same rights and opportunities as men.

Black Lives Matter

A "black lives matter" tattoo represents a lot of liberal ideologies, including criminal justice reform.


A pro-choice tattoo will probably cause some controversy in your conservative community, but it might be worth it to represent your true belief that women should have freedom of choice.


An equality tattoo can stand for many things — racial equality, gender equality, LGBT equality — all of which are important to most Democrats.

Climate Change

If you're passionate about stopping climate change, this tree tattoo is the perfect symbol of protecting nature.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Notorious RBG has been a strong liberal figure in the U.S. for decades, and a tattoo of her face would pay tribute to all the important change she's enacted.


Whether you're an immigrant or just agree with protecting immigrants' rights, a tattoo of an immigration stamp is perfect.

President Obama

The ultimate Democratic tattoo is this giant portrait of President Obama.

Images: Ragz Rejected/Flickr (1)