Lancome #LoveYourAge Campaign Is Beautifully Honest & Refreshing Amid Rampant Ageism In Our Society

The fashion industry has undertaken a series of initiatives to combat rampant ageism over the past several months, and Lancome's #LoveYourAge ad campaign may be the best yet. On the heels of Marc Jacobs' ads fronted by 69-year-old Cher and Celine's Joan Didion ads, Lancome has debuted an Instagram ad campaign featuring celebrity spokesmodels in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Lancome teased the ad campaign on Instagram last week before finally revealing its full scope.

After posting individual shots of Lupita Nyong'o, Lilly Collins, Kate Winslet, and Penelope Cruz on the company Instagram account with bottles of Advanced Génifique serum, Lancome published a a compilation image of the four actresses, captioning the image, "Beauty is not about hiding your age, it’s about embracing it. Do you #LoveYourAge? Tag your beautiful friends and stand proud!" Lancome inscribed each photo with the actress's age, dubbing the numbers "years young" in lieu of the traditional — and somewhat more ageist — phrasing "years old".

Lancome's Advanced Génifique serum is marketed towards women of any skin type regardless of their age, in stark contrast to the industry standard of advertising anti-aging "miracle products" and potions to women of a certain age. Instead, Lancome's serum and ad campaign itself seem to herald the message that beauty is timeless, and radiant skin isn't a covetable condition reserved solely for those in their 20s.

Not only does the ad campaign combat the cosmetics industry's ageism, it also encourages consumers to view their visage as beautiful regardless of age, race, skin tone, or texture. Forty-year-old Penelope Cruz's complexion glows as if lit from within, appearing no more or less luminescent than that of 25-year-old Lilly Collins or 39-year-old Kate Winslet.

The honesty and self-respect emanating from each actress is refreshing after years of Hollywood's notorious desire to reverse all signs of aging. Scroll through for more individual images from Lancome's ad campaign, and don't be alarmed if you find yourself reaching for the new Advanced Génifique serum. Who wouldn't want to glow like Nyong'o?

Images: Lancomeusa (5) /Instagram