Is 'Space Jam 2' Starring LeBron James Finally Happening? Here's Everything You Need To Know

If you're a '90s kid, prepare to geek out, because this is not a drill. According to USA Today, there is a very real chance that Space Jam 2 could happen — and not only that, but it may just star one of the modern world's most recognizable current basketball stars. That's right: Rumor has it that LeBron James could take on the role that officially made Michael Jordan the coolest b-ball player ever (because obviously Jordan's time hanging out with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck meant just as much as all of those trophies and records). While this hasn't yet been confirmed by the studio as of yet (Bustle reached out to Warner Brothers in response to these reports but has not yet heard back), I gotta say, there are a ton of reasons this should happen.

Just in case you somehow missed out on the greatest movie of our generation, the orignal Space Jam, here's the lowdown on this weird, fantastic little flick: The 1996 Warner Bros. film starred Jordan as himself, and followed him as he tried to help his animated Warner Bros. friends take on an evil alien species in a intergalactic basketball game — aka, the "Space Jam." Jordan and his court skills help rescue Bugs Bunny and his pals from the alien bullies, and the animated characters help Jordan realize that he doesn't actually want to trade in his basketball sneakers for baseball cleats. (The movie gets pretty real.)

Rumors are swirling that James will be the basketball star on screen this time around, and while nothing official has been announced, there's reason to believe that it could happen. Here's why:

Warner Bros. Is Prepping For Something

According to USA Today, Warner Bros. reportedly filed new trademarks for Space Jam in June. Theoretically this could be a step for them to re-launch a franchise — say, with a sequel?

Lebron James Already Has A Deal With Warner Bros.

James, who recently starred in Trainwreck opposite Bill Hader and Amy Schumer, reportedly signed a production deal with Warner Bros., which means that the studio can now develop films, TV shows, and other products with James... like, say, Space Jam 2. (That is, if Paul George doesn't steal the spot from him first — he'd also be down for Space Jam 2!)

Writers and Producers Are Rumored To Be On Board

Deadline reported in 2014 that Space Jam 2 was in the works. According to the site, Willie Ebersol wrote a script for the sequel which was set to be produced by his brother Charlie Ebersol. Could this be the project we have all been dreaming of?

So far it's still just rumors and development deals, but fingers crossed that there will be a Space Jam rematch with James in town in the future.

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