RZA's Tribute Song To Paul Walker Is Perfectly Touching

The world has been mourning the death of Paul Walker in earnest, but RZA's tribute song, "Destiny Bends" is the poignant soundtrack we've been searching for. It seems that Walker and RZA met on a film set and bonded over fatherhood, values and, it seems, genuine goodness. RZA's lyrics speak to a life cut short, filled with love and friendship. RZA also makes reference to Walker's relationship with his daughter, and the very adult revelation that at the end of the day, making time for family is the most important thing you can do. Much coverage has been dedicated to the effect Walker's death has had on his fifteen year old daughter, Meadow, and if you haven't seen Walker's father's tear-filled discussion of his relationship with his son, grab a tissue and take a seat.

It seems appropriate that instead of performing the song himself, RZA chose to have it sung, something that adds to its spare beauty. People have described Paul Walker as someone who was beautiful inside and out, so it's appropriate that the chorus of "Destiny Bends" speaks to losing a dear friend. Even the title of the song suggests what we're all thinking, that sometimes horrible things happen to good people, and destiny must have bent a bit out of shape for someone known uniformly as a great guy to be taken so young.

So, listen to this wonderful memorialization of Paul Walker's life and achievements, cry it out, and remember that, as RZA says, "time is the most precious gift" and we should all make the most of it.