5 Piercings You Can Hide Easily

by Lindsey Rose Black

I grew up in a really conservative town where piercing anything beyond your ear lobes basically meant you were all sorts of shady shade. While I can't stand needles and never personally wanted additional piercings, my friends that did always ended up getting ingenious piercings you can hide easily and no one ever noticed. One of my best guy pals even had a septum piercing for three years before I finally saw it!

Piercings are definitely having a mainstream moment, but that doesn't mean you always want them showing. While belly button, nipple, and vaginal piercings might seem like the only piercings you can keep secret, that's definitely not the case.

Before we get into the piercings you can hide easily, let's talk aftercare. Always follow all instructions your piercer gives you on proper piecing aftercare. General rules of thumb include soaking your piecing in a gentle saline bath, washing with soap no more than twice a day, drying with a paper towel, fighting all urges to touch it and play with it, and doing your best not to sleep on it.

Whatever you do, remember: don't mess around with an infected piercing or allergic reaction to your piercing's metal. Get it treated ASAP!

Phew, now that we've got that out of the way, here are five piercings you can easily hide.

1. Helix Piercing (Or Any Ear Piercing)

Just got a fresh helix piercing you don't want the world (or your grandma) to see? Take a summer scarf and wrap it around your head. Not only will your piercing be disguised, but you'll look perfectly bo-ho chic.

2. Septum Piercing

My aforementioned guy friend was always able to just pop his septum piercing up his nose. I asked if it made him sneeze a lot, but he laughed and claimed he never had an issue.

3. Tongue Piercing

Ah, good old tongue piercings are naturally hidden. Just make sure whoever your hiding it from doesn't want to go out for ice cream!

4. Surface Piercing

Depending on where you get your surface piercing (like the back of your neck or down your back), it would be a breeze to hide.

5. Surface Anchor

Similarly speaking, a surface anchor pretty much anywhere could be easily hidden depending on the clothing you wear.

Good luck, my brave friends! Your secret is safe with me.

Image Credit: Starsandspirals, Nicoletta Antonini/Flickr; VaughnBodyArts, Mamzelleakro, Danessa Bugz, Erika Alamaki/Instagram