Karen Walker X Sephora Collection Is Going To Be Amazing, Just Like The Designer's Sunnies

No statement sunglass collection is complete without a pair of designer Karen Walker's signature frames, and now, no makeup bag will be complete without Walker's brushes. Style.com reports that the designer is in the midst of fashioning a line of cosmetics accessories for beauty magnate Sephora, entitled Karen Walker for Sephora Collection Amber Craft. Matching your tortoiseshell shades to your makeup accoutrements just may be 2015's next big trend.

Slated to debut in October 2015, the Karen Walker for Sephora Collection will include a set of six luxe tortoiseshell brushes, which will retail for $125, and a tortoiseshell compact mirror for $48. Both offerings draw their inspiration from Walker's avant-garde, tortoiseshell-infused eyewear, which typically runs in the $200 to $250 price range. A multi-talented designer, Walker has already made her innovative mark on womenswear and accessories. It would seem that designing innovative cosmetics implements is simply the next logical step in an already impressive sartorial empire.

If intricate patterns rooted in vintage design and vaguely futuristic eyewear is your sartorial jam, you may well find yourself striding down the street in head to toe Karen Walker, complete with a compact to regard your well-appointed reflection. Given that the collection is three months nigh of its intended debut, consumers will have just enough time to bulk up their bank accounts in anticipation of the aesthetically-pleasing accessories. Scroll through for a sampling of Walker's finest design moments, from optical shades to 70s-inspired ensembles.

Bet you can't wait to get your hands on those brushes now!

Images: karenwalker (5) /Instagram