How You Can Stream The Special Olympics

Another awesome sporting event is coming up! The Special Olympic World Games 2015 are being hosted in Los Angeles this year and will begin with opening ceremonies on July 25. The Games themselves will commence on Saturday, July 26, and will end on Aug. 2. Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the Special Olympics are now a proud tradition, taking place every four years, always one year before the Olympic Games are scheduled. The Games promise to be exciting, so where can you watch the Special Olympics this year? ESPN is now the official broadcaster for the Special Olympics World Games, so you will have to seek out a friend with cable to watch the events as they happen live.

Sporting events for the Special Olympic World Games include (European) football, bocce, basketball, tennis, triathlon, table tennis, beach volleyball, and more. The Games will be available to watch on ESPN (for all of you lucky ducks with cable!), or you can use cable subscriber credentials to stream the events online through to catch the action.

So one way or another, if you want to watch the Special Olympics, you're going to have to secure yourself some cable.

Watch In The Comfort Of Your Home on ESPN

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If you have the goods (and by goods I mean a cable box), you can watch full coverage of opening ceremonies, competitions, and closing ceremony events all on official network of the Special Olympics, ESPN. And you could be super nice to your buddies who lack cable, and throw a viewing party. Woo!

Watch Online

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You'll also be able to log-in to ESPN Go to watch the Special Olympics. Provided you have a cable account that includes ESPN, you'll be good to go.

Watch The Games At A Local Bar

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I think I'm going to try to watch events at a local bar (since I live in a Netflix/Hulu-only household where actual TV channels are foreign to us). I always get a kick out of the energy and extra excitement of watching sports in a public setting, so this is a good option for the cable-less and anyone who likes high-fiving with strangers.

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