*NSYNC + 'Sharknado 3' = Awesomness

by Keertana Sastry

Chris Kirkpatrick will be the talk of the town for a little while because he just cameoed in one of the most entertaining TV movie franchises of all time. That's right, *NSYNC singer Chris Kirkpatrick appeared in Sharknado 3 as a lifeguard who was promptly eaten by a shark. In a ocean filled with Sharknado 3 celebrity cameos (pun intended), it's hard not to get lost in the crowd, especially when people like Mark Cuban is playing the freaking President of the United States and David Hasselhoff plays Fin's father Gil. (Both Shepards were appropriately named given the films' subject matter.) And, yet, Kirkpatrick held his own for the brief five or so minutes that he appeared on the screen.

Kirkpatrick was playing a lifeguard at Universal Studios on what seemed like a clear day. But, of course, this is Sharknado and literally no one is safe (even April might die!), so suddenly a shark comes down from the ocean as Kirkpatrick is in a pool at the theme park. It quickly swims toward the former boy band-er and gobbles him up whole.

Normally it would probably suck to die in a film, but this Sharknado. Dying by shark is a rite of passage that Chris Kirkpatrick should proudly display as a badge of honor.