The 9 Most Shocking Murders By Women, Because "Hell Hath No Fury" Like These Female Killers

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Contrary to popular belief, some of the world's most horrific murders were done by women. Where men tend to kill for pleasure, women have very different reasons. Granted, some just enjoyed the kill, but often money, attention, or love was a factor. And while women are more likely to rely on poison to kill, when they go all out, they really know how to make a scene.

The Bureau of Justice Services estimated that in 2008, men were seven times more likely than women to commit murder, with roughly 11 offenders out of 100,000 that year. And history shows that female killers aren't picky about who they kill. Friends, husbands, children — everyone is fair game. There is good news though! Female murderer rates are seriously on a decline since the 1980s.

If you're fascinating in the phenomena of female killers, then check out this list of some of the most gruesome murders committed by both famous killers and women you've probably never heard of. Warning: there is a cannibal on this list. Don't read while eating.

Image: Murderpedia

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