Key & Peele Shows Us Meegan On A First Date

Sometimes, there's nothing harder than just being yourself on a first date. Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele know this to be true, as their sketch "First Date" from Wednesday night's Season 5 episode "A Cappella Club" showed beloved Key & Peele characters Meegan and Andre on their first date. Here Andre realizes the kind of person Meegan is, and yet he doesn't run far away from Meegan. In fact, we know just what's coming in their relationship. It's hilarious and surprisingly relatable, especially when paired with the conversations about first dates the men have before the sketch airs. I've always found the Meegan sketches to be funny but confusing, as they seemed to lack flow or direction. However, seeing the origin of Meegan and Andre on their first date is really eye-opening as it gives the couple a backstory, and it definitely pokes fun at people who put on a persona while on dates as they believe it will impress their potential partners.

Before the sketch airs, Key and Peele talk about first dates as Peele reveals to Key how he tries to appear cool and chill on a first date. He details plans that involve him changing the location of the date over and over again and just playing the whole move as calm and cool as possible. It's not a long conversation and most of it is probably just played for laughs, but it proves that no matter who you are, first dates can be confusing and awkward. And it's just hard to show your true self to another person right away. Thankfully Meegan doesn't have that problem, and Andre is attracted to her no matter what.

From the start of their first date, we see Meegan and Andre putting on airs about themselves, more so with Meegan than Andre of course. Meegan claims that she's chill and goes with the flow, but as soon as the waiter arrives, the true Meegan comes out. And she is crazy mean. Despite showing how insane and totally inconsiderate she is, Andre still finds her attractive. And that just proves something very clearly to me. No matter who you are, you can find someone if you just be yourself. If Meegan can find a special someone, so can we all. Did Key & Peele just make dating better? They really are making the world a better place, one sketch at a time.

Images: Screenshot/Comedy Central