6 Chipotle Secret Menu Items You Should Know About

by Marisa Ross

After an anonymous McDonald's manager dropped the bomb that there is a McDonald's secret menu, I started to wonder what other amazing fast food combos could have possibly existed this whole time without any of us ever realizing it. I mean, imagine a world brimming with, say, Chipotle secret menu items you never even thought to order — that's something you'd want to know about, right?! As it turns out, your favorite Mexican establishment does indeed serve up unique meals you won't find on its standard menu — and I'm here to tell you all about a few must-try secret menu items you've been missing out on all along.

Yes, even the crowning jewel of the burrito kingdom has a role in the secret menu madness. The regular Chipotle menu is simple and straightforward enough, so there's no reason to suspect a hidden agenda. You decide whether you want a burrito, bowl, taco, or salad. You pick your meat, add toppings, and boom! What more could there be, right? Wrong. Long-time customers have probably picked up on a few tricks here and there (like asking for extra toppings, or getting your tortilla on the side), but there are a few special orders even die-hard fans and dedicated college students probably don't know. Here are six ways to order off of the Chipotle secret menu for optimal deliciousness.

1. Quesadilla

Honestly, I find it kind of surprising that quesadillas aren't already regular menu items at Chipotle. Whether you realized this was a secret menu item or not, you're welcome.

2. Quesarito

You may have heard of this quesadilla-wrapped-burrito concoction from Taco Bell, but rest assured, Chipotle does it too — it just isn't advertised. That's right, a secret menu item is used to make another secret menu item. It's secret menu inception.

3. Burritodilla

Ah, yet another quesadilla hybrid. Can't choose between a hot-pressed quesadilla or a classic burrito? Get this option that combines both! Crunchy on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside, this just proves that good things do come in small, aluminum foil packages.

4. Nachos

This secret menu item may not be the wackiest combination you've ever heard of, but Chipotle will let you get a bed of chips in place of rice if you ask nicely. And just like that, your burrito bowl has magically transformed into a majestic platter of nachos.

5. Double-Wrapped Burrito

Whereas the Quesarito reminds me of the popular Taco Bell item, this special order is reminiscent of TB's popular Crunchwrap Supreme. And the best part? For the perfect balance of crunchy and soft, the extra shell is free of charge.

6. Extras, Including Fillings And Cilantro

At Chipotle, you can always squeeze in a few extra toppings to your order if you simply ask — except for guacamole, of course. With meat-based orders, you can get the grilled fajita veggies. With burrito bowls, you can ask for a tortilla or soft tacos on the side, as well as the tangy Chipotle salad dressing (all of which don't usually come with it). Get more than one salsa, ask for extra cheese, go crazy. And although you won't see it on the serving table, ask for fresh cilantro, and it's all yours.

Image: Laine Trees/Flickr