What Happens When Your Plans Are Cancelled

Sometimes having a friend cancel plans on you at the last second is the worst thing in the world. Sometimes it's the best thing that ever happened to you, especially when you weren't really "feeling" going out in the first place. BuzzFeed has made a video showing what happens when a friend cancels plans at the last second, falling somewhere in between relief and being annoyed. It's a great happy medium. And I have to admit, I have behaved exactly like the women in the video after having someone cancel on me. What goes from "hooray, I'm free!" can very quickly spiral into "well, what now?"

And really, what now? Once you're all dolled up and ready to go, what happens next? Do you wash your face and resign yourself to Netflix and chips? Or do you scroll through your phone trying to find someone else that's free so you don't waste this perfect cat eye you've got going on? Because you KNOW next time you try and do a cat eye you're going to smudge that liquid eyeliner right up to your eyebrow. But then the couch is so enticing and Netflix is going to take She's All That off soon, so... Here's what happens when you get ditched:

1. You immediately revert to "inside" you

2. Standing in the kitchen eating things

3. All the things

4. Impromptu spring cleaning

5. Crippling boredom

Watch the whole process unfold below:

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