Boston Has A Plan To End The Gender Wage Gap: The 10 Cities Where Women Earn The Most

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It doesn’t seem like the gender wage-gap is going anywhere. On average, women in the United States are paid 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes. But Boston, Mass. has a plan to solve the problem: in the city, women make 85 cents for every dollar that men do, and they're launching an initiative to erase the gender wage-gap altogether.

The dean of Boston's Simmons Business School, Cathy Minehan, is in charge of a citywide council that has already convinced 40 businesses to sign a pledge to close the wage gap. Minehan expects to have 50 companies signed on by the end of the year.

"Women work as hard; they're smart. Just because they're a woman, they get discriminated against?" said Boston mayor Thomas Menino. "We're going to end that discrimination in Boston."

There are three steps that these companies agree to when they sign the pledge: to open their books and assess their own wage data; to pick three strategies to improve pay equity; and to share their wage data anonymously every two years so the city can measure progress.

And Boston isn’t the only city ahead of the national average when it comes to the gender wage-gap. Here, 10 cities that boast some of the smallest gender wage gaps in the nation.

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