11 Books That Will Help You Keep Things in Perspective, Because We All Need A Reality Check Sometimes

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When the chips are down in life, I have the uncanny ability to lose all sense of understanding. You’ll be able to find me sitting in a window somewhere in a dark room, staring out the window with an indie singer-songwriter playing sad music in my head, wishing that it would rain so that it could adequately set the scene. Although the Angela Chase method feels better, it’s not very helpful. This is where I turn to books to get my head right.

How is that possible? It's not as though I'm fighting Voldemort (although reading about fighting Voldemort can help with some very real life problems), I’m not turning into an animal to fight Yeerks (although that would be a super-disturbing problem to have). In fact, I'm just a regular person with regular people problems. That’s just the thing! What is more inspiring to know that even though rent is dude, your significant other sent you a wonky text, or you stumbled upon a photo album on Facebook of all of your friends hanging out without you, than to read about people facing worse, and potentially rising above it?

These 11 books cover a wide range of the human experience — from first love to nuclear fallout — that will help you keep it all in perspective.

Image: Kevin Dinkel/flickr

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