Celebrate National Hot Dog Day With These 7 Pieces, Because Nothing Says Chic Like Your Fave Food

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Because today is officially National Hot Dog Day, there’s no better way to celebrate than by reping the delicious food on your clothing. These 7 hot dog accessories will help you celebrate this best of all national holidays in style because who doesn’t love some junk food clothing?

Nothing says summer like food fresh off of the grill, and that same feeling can be totally reflected in your fashion, too, by shopping these items. Hot dog t-shirt and a tan? Don’t mind if I do! From phone cases to sweatshirts (and even sunglasses!), this gear will help you get your fill of the classic food. I mean, if that were possible!

Check out these fun clothing and accessories to show off your love of this summertime staple! Scroll through the slideshow and let the hot dog craving begin!

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