Let Kim Kardashian Teach You How to Take the Perfect Selflie

Though this current generation doesn't have to deal with a lot of the same issues our parents and their parents had to when they were growing up, there are a few things we have to deal with that they never had to worry about: Taking an attractive selfie. Hey, it's tough! And really, there's nothing more heartwrenching than the feeling you get when you think you took an attractive selfie, only to have your iPhone flip the image and show you how closely you resemble the wicked witch of the east or something. Luckily for us all, though, someone is here to try and help: None other than selfie queen Kim Kardashian, who teaches us all how to take the perfect selfie in this new video with her good friend, socialite Brittny Gastineau.

So, how does one take the perfect selfie, then? According to Kardashian (after she not-that-convincingly laments how "gross" she looks without make-up, something Gastineau calls her "crazy" for saying): "rule number one is you always need it to be a little bit higher, know your angle." I think they call that a MySpace angle, so it's weird that she's saying that since it isn't 2005 — but OK, Kim. Go on. "No duckface."

Well, she's right there. Duckfaces make everyone look like the worst, not to mention it's pretty much the most annoying facial expression a person can make next to, like, winking. Kardashian isn't finished, though...

"I love doing that, because it gives you cheekbones..." Kardashian trails off, before Gastineau chimes in with too much more excitement about duckfaces than any human person should ever have, "But everyone gets so annoyed!" This isn't even about selfies anymore, but fine. We're all too invested now to stop watching — just like her whole reality show!

"They get so mad," Kardashian agrees in her best valley girl voice, and the two continue to pose in front of the iPhone camera without a care in the world. I'm not sure that I'm any the wiser about how to take the perfect selfie, but at least I know that Kim Kardashian knows how annoyed everyone gets when she makes a duckface on camera. There's that.

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Image: KimKardashian/Instagram