'Doctor Who' Fan Music Gets Well-Timed Ressurgence With New Rap Mixtape

Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special extravaganza Super Big Episode thing may be over and left to the forums of Tumblr and Reddit for debate, but this thing's lastest 50 years so far, it's not going anywhere. At the very least its fandom isn't — especially with this new Doctor Who -themed rap mixtape from Toronto rapper More or Les. Doctor Who fan music has, of course, existed for quite a while in its modern incarnation, reaching peak popularity around 2009 with the release of Trock band Chamelion Circuit's first album. And yes, trock is a portmanteau for Time Lord Rock.

So what More or Les is doing here — releasing an album inspired by and surrounding a well-known genre fandom — isn't overwhelmingly original. Just ask Wizard Rockers (or "wrockers"), who've grown to over 200 bands singing about Harry Potter since Harry and the Potters first made a splash around 2002. But it's still pretty cool.

It should be noted that I, personally, am a huge fan of geeky fandom music — my first concert ever was a double-billing of Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoys and I wrote my college essay about Wizard Rock*. So I'm all on board for More or Les' mixtape, called Bigger on the Inside (what else do you call it?) on which he raps original lyrics over Doctor Who soundtrack tracks.

More or Les isn't likely to face any copyright backlash on this, as he's distributing the album for free. Here's what he wrote on his Bandcamp page:

“DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS! This is my FREE fan fiction dedication to the longest running sci-fi program in the world, so please just download and enjoy,”

Live long and fandom, as I always say, if you'll allow me mix legendary sci-fi show references here.

*Yes I am just that cool.

You can listen to Bigger On the Inside below, and I've included some Chameleon Circuit songs as well because if you like one you'll probably like the other, and I love you for that.


Alex Day on YouTube
Alex Day on YouTube