The 'Stewarts & Hamiltons' Cast Have Big Bucks

The cast of E!'s new reality series, Stewarts & Hamiltons need no introduction... aside from their last names. As the extended, blended families of singer Rod Stewart and actor George Hamilton, they have been used to fame and fortune since they were born. And just how much fame and fortune isn't anything to ignore, either — the net worth of the Stewarts & Hamiltons cast is impressive, especially considering that only the two patriarchs of the families are actually recognizable by name. But that doesn't mean that none of the Stewarts or Hamiltons have careers of their own — just that until now, none of them have sought out the spotlight.

E! has made itself an empire on exposing the unseen sides to famous families. Just as Kim Kardashian was starting to become slightly notorious, it came out with Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Then, when Morgan Stewart (no relation to Rod or this show, just a coincidence) and Dorothy Wang started to become Instagram-famous, it added #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. And now, Stewarts & Hamiltons seems posed to be the next entry in the list of famous families turned even more famous with the assistance of reality television. And that will surely add to their already-impressive net worth.

Alana Stewart

As the family matriarch, Alana was married to both Rod Stewart and George Hamilton back in the day, but now she's single once again. She's an actor, model, author, and self-proclaimed relationship expert. In a piece she wrote for the Huffington Post, she said that when married Rod, she "signed a pre-nuptial agreement that gave me practically nothing if we ever broke up," and her "career was virtually non-existent because my focus had been on my husband and children." So though Alana was married to two very successful men, she is self-made.

George Hamilton

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This actor is probably best known for his deep, crackly, dark orange tan. But he's also known for comedic and action roles from the '60s on. But even though his most famous roles are probably behind him, he's reportedly currently worth between $9 and $20 million, as estimated by Celebrity Net Worth, though the actor has not confirmed this amount.

Ashley Hamilton

George's son with Alana is an actor and musician in his own right, and is estimated to be worth $5 million, according RichestCelebrities.org, which is not verified. Whatever the exact figure may be, it can only go up now that Ashley's first album was just released.

George Hamilton, Jr.

George's other son from a different relationship is a conservative, buttoned-up Naval officer in training. He's only 15 years old, so he doesn't really have his own net worth, but his father seems very involved in his life.

Kimberly Stewart


Alana's daughter with Rod is a mother to daughter, Delilah (with actor Benecio del Toro). But before that she was a model, and the show opens with her getting back into modeling. Her net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is an estimated $10 million. While plenty of that is probably from the pedigree of being Rod's daughter, her modeling and some acting surely contributed too.

Sean Stewart

Alana's son with Rod is a jokester who never seems to be serious enough to hold down a serious career. And in 2009, he complained while fighting a fine for unpaid training sessions on Judge Jeanine Pirro that his father, Rod, was "cheap," despite being worth millions, as shown in the clip below. Seems like there's a chance Sean hasn't been able to capitalize on his fame in the same way as his siblings, despite dating a reality star a few years ago — Adrienne Maloof, even though she dumped him for being "too much," according to Radar Online.

Rod Stewart

As Kimberly and Sean's dad, he will have a slight presence on the show. The very first episode opens with him in the family kitchen, joking around and playing the family dad. Rod's net worth is estimated at $235 million by Born Rich, and $175 million by TheRichest. His career has made him able to provide for his family, and all you have to do is watch a few scenes to see that they've all stayed close over the years.

All of the Stewarts & Hamiltons are successful in their own ways, from building families to decades-long careers. And the big extended family's equally big net worth certainly means that there will be plenty of ostentatious wealth on display — that's the whole point of E!'s reality shows. It's what makes them so enjoyable.

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