J.J. Abrams' Apology For Keeping 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Khan A Secret Is Not What We Needed

J.J. Abrams is a busy busy man, but he took some time out of ruling over various legendary sci-fi franchises recently to look back on one thing in his creative past with woe. No, it's not the lens flares — he's already apologized for that. Nope, this time J.J. Abrams is publicly regretting keeping Khan such a big, dramatic secret throughout the promotion of Star Trek Into Darkness. This was all via an interview with MTV (which you can find here and see below). Here's what he said:

So basically this is a "yeah we messed up big time but don't blame meeeee, blame the stuuuuuudio." Which would be one thing if he hadn't also happened to completely white-wash Khan in the first place by casting a whiteboy instead of an actor of color (#NOOFFENSETOBENEDICTCUMBERBATCH, #EVERYOFFENSETOJJABRAMS), but...well, he did. And that's something he still hasn't talked about in any candid or thoughtful way.

In other words, Mr. Abrams: Rewind and try again.