Modern Day Female Politicians and Trailblazers Who Deserve Their Own Films

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No, Hillary didn't tweet us the big news (though we so wish she did). The Hollywood Reporter just released the news that Lionsgate is in talks to pick up Rodham , the Hillary Clinton biopic written by Young Il Kim and to be directed by James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now). No one is yet slated to play the Yale graduate, former first lady, Secretary of State, and presidential candidate, though Ponsoldt was in talks this summer with Carey Mulligan. In a perfect world, we'd cast our girl Meryl Streep. Because, HEAVEN IS REAL.

The project isn't 100% confirmed and still might fall through, we really REALLY hope this happens. Biopics have been a major trend in film-making of the last decade and very few feature women. That nonsense needs to stop. And we think Hillary would agree since she also demands there needs to be more women in power all over the world. Here are a handful of Modern Day women, who, like Hillary, have changed the course of history in very major and intimate ways.

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