'The Voice' Season 5 Recap: The Top Six Perform and Tessanne Chin Gives Us Goosebumps For Days

The remaining top six competitors on The Voice are BEASTS. I mean that as a compliment. Monday night's performances were pretty excellent across the board. I know I said I was upset about who went home last week, but I want to clarify: I didn't want anyone to go home. I would've been sad no how things played out. I genuinely enjoyed every single competitor in the top eight, and I still enjoy every single competitor the top six. I'm rooting for everyone. Don't make me pick favorites. Everyone is a winner. Pardon me while I put the finishing touches on The Voice participation trophies. Yep. I took six water glasses from my cupboard and covered them with glittery puffy paint and craft feathers. They are exquisite.

During Monday night's episode, each competitor performed twice. I've picked my favorite performance from each competitor. I'm already wigging out over Tuesday night's show. Everyone is a winner. EVERYONE.

My Favorite Performances of The Night

Cole Vosbury singing "Rich Girl": This was a wonderful choice for his voice. Like, the dude was BORN to sing Hall & Oates. Such an adorable performance. His raspy grit worked so well on the bridge (I think it was the bridge. I don't know music), and I really dug how effortlessly he eased into the chorus. And yes, the chorus was great, too. Honestly, the whole thing was great.

Tessanne Chin singing "Redemption Song" AND "Unconditionally": Whoops, I picked both. Like every other Tessanne performance, these two were PERFECT. I think she's immune to missteps or flubs. I also think she's immune to not hitting notes. I challenge anyone to find a flaw in a Tessanne performance. I was absolutely transfixed during "Redemption Song." My arms turned into two giant goosebumps. And then, she performed "Unconditionally" and it wrecked me. Goosebumps arms again. At one point, I was yelling, "SHE ISN'T REAL!!!" Per usual, her voice was all things magical and powerful and gorgeous.

Matthew Schuler singing "Story Of My Life": This was so pretty! I thought his voice sounded SO beautiful at the top of the song. Oh wait, he's Matthew, so his voice sounded beautiful throughout the entire thing. But there was something about the beginning that just crushed me. Predictably, his voice soared on the chorus. I wouldn't hate it if Matthew sang a One Direction song every week. Would that be a strategic move? Probably not. But it'd be a fun move.

Will Champlin singing "A Change Is Gonna Come": This dude's range is insane. Even when he wasn't hitting crazy notes, the smoothness of his voice kept me hooked. What IS his voice?! He's just so good. The song wasn't fast paced or crazy, but it had such a great vibe. I loved this performance.

James Wolpert singing "Fell In Love With a Girl": This pared-down rendition of the song was cool. No, it wasn't as dynamic as "Somebody To Love," but I liked this chill performance. Coach Adam Levine said he screwed up a part in the middle, but I didn't detect it. Again, I don't know music. I thought his voice sounded really strong throughout.

Jacquie Lee singing "The Voice Within": When Jacquie said she'd be singing one of Christina Aguilera's songs, I was like, "I hope it's 'Nobody Wants to Be Lonely' and Ricky Martin makes a cameo." But I remembered that song is a Ricky Martin song, not an Xtina song, so I ruled out that guess. Oh, "The Voice Within?" Okay. I respect that pick, Jacquie. It is a tough song, but Jacquie held her own. She's SUCH a mini Xtina! Was her rendition perfectly true to the original? No. But she WENT for it. She imbued it with feeling and heart, and that's all Xtina and I ever want.

Highlight of the night:

When Carson Daly wasn't busy telling the coaches to hurry up with their feedback, he was reading tweets in the Sprint Skybox. Carson read a few tweets from fans. One fan asked Carson which musical artists he'd like to have on the show. He practically spat, "Lady Gaga would be nice." Whoa, nelly. Don't mind me as I read into that one, DALY. Is there an ongoing thing between Lady Gaga and The Voice? Was she supposed to perform? Did she stand you up, Carson? What was that attitude all about?! Is there a Gaga/Carson FEUD?! I need the backstory! Until then, I will write Carson vs. Gaga feud-fic.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC