6 Things You'll Actually Miss About College

Usually when people graduate from college, they can’t wait to be handed a degree and leave campus as soon as humanly possible. But here’s what I have to say: slow down your roll. Believe it or not, there are things you don’t think you’ll miss about college, but will actually really be longing for once your days of auditorium lecture halls and frat party debauchery are long gone.

College is a very unique time in a person’s life. It’s sort of that weird middle ground between being a child and being an adult. Yes, you’re living independently, but there is also a big safety net to catch you if you fall. Basically, it’s pure bliss.

Many of the things you spend a majority of your time talking smack about during your days as a student are actually giant life perks you'd be thrilled to have now that you're a semi-functioning, real-life adult. When you’re in college, you think you know everything (it’s only natural), but as it turns out, you hardly know anything at all — at least when it comes to the real world.

Here are six things you will inevitably miss once you’re out of college. If you’re still in school or are planning to head there for the first time this fall, keep this list in mind if you ever think you have it rough. If you’ve already graduated, take a moment to reminisce… life was so good.

1. The dining halls

All you did while you were in college was complain about the dining halls. That’s all everyone ever does. But the truth of the matter is, as soon as you’re out on your own, the idea of having a place where you could go, swipe a student I.D., and eat a warm, prepared meal of any sort at any time of the day is kind of amazing.

2. The library

Since you probably spent most of your time pulling all-nighters in the library while you were a student, you may have managed to overlook how amazing a university’s library system is. Even city libraries can’t compare — and you’re less likely to be seated next to a weirdo at a school library than a public one (hey, it’s just a fact).

3. Being on campus

Remember when you couldn’t wait to live off campus? When the dorms and residence halls were solely for loser freshmen and dorky sophomores? Now remember when you moved off campus, and everything became totally and completely inconvenient? A college campus is like a miniature village — it has food, places to sleep, ATMs, bookstores, and classrooms… and they’re all in walking (or scootering) distance.

4. The on-campus housing

Living in the residence halls is truly an experience. I mean, what other time in your life will you have all your peers living in the same building as you? It’s nice to have your own place once you graduate, but chances are you might have some nostalgia for the days of roommates and R.A.s.

5. The free wi-fi

You don’t realize how amazing campus-wide wi-fi is until you don’t have it anymore. Not only do you have to start paying a monthly Internet bill, but the range on your wireless modem won’t even make it to your backyard. Having a ready and available wi-fi signal anywhere on campus was truly a treat.

6. The parties

Oh, college parties. Chances are you have at least a few good memories from the nights you spent crammed in a room full of people holding red plastic cups. True, you probably get annoyed when you see college students being loud and obnoxious as they leave a thriving house party these days, but that doesn’t mean there isn't a little piece of you that is dripping with jealousy.

Images: Pexels