Watch Kylie Jenner Meet Caitlyn For The First Time

When I woke up this morning, I wasn't anticipating that someone from the Kardashian-Jenner clan would be the one to thaw the first icicles off of my cold, cold heart, but that was before I saw the video of Kylie Jenner meeting Caitlyn Jenner for the first time. I keep deluding myself that I won't watch I Am Cait because I don't need that franchise (whoops sorry, I mean family) to take up any more space in my brain, but the more I see of the previews, the more I'm resigning myself to the fact that I'll not only be tuning in every week, but laughing and crying at all the right moments. Because this show is really getting into the sweet, genuine, family side of the Kardashians and Jenners. With Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I often feel as though the family is presenting a brand, which Kris Jenner protects at all costs, so seeing actual life moments — and more importantly, love — break through what is normally a carefully curated exterior is just the best.

Take Kylie Jenner, for example. I've never totally warmed to her because I think the combination of growing up rich, in the spotlight, and as the younger sister of Kim Kardashian really didn't endear her to me. I've always read her as a little heavy on the apathy, but then again, she is a teenager. But, with the clip E! just released from the series premiere of I Am Cait, my mind is completely changed.

The video gives me an entirely different impression of Kylie in just about 60 seconds, starting with how honest she is about being nervous about the meeting with Caitlyn.

She doesn't act all cool or pretend that it isn't a big deal to see a person you previously knew as "Dad" presenting as a woman, and as her true self. That's a big deal, and she acknowledges it, saying, "I do wanna meet her. It'll be a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but I think we're both ready."

And then seeing her work through those feelings is just the best! Kylie walks straight up to Caitlyn, saying "Hey, pretty!" giving her a hug, signaling that Kylie is willing to power through the awkwardness. Which is a huge deal for someone who's a) 17 and b) on camera constantly.

And look how excited Caitlyn is to see Kylie. It's such a beautiful, genuine moment of surprise and joy, as she says, "Hey, baby! I didn't know you were here!" There's just so much love and emotion in her voice.

And finally, my favorite moment is the way Kylie is still looking to Caitlyn for approval, when she's looking at the photo of her grandmother at age 17, and the warmth between them when Caitlyn jokes about not wanting to hear that Kylie has gotten married. It's so touching to see that their parent-child relationship is just as great as ever, with no real awkwardness, just lots of love and understanding. Just watch the video yourself and try to keep from smiling and/or happy crying.

Amazing, right? I've finally surrendered to the fact that I'll be glued to my television when the first episode of I Am Cait premieres on July 26. You got me again, Kardashian-Jenners!

Images: E! (4)