Ace Of Base's "The Sign" Music Video Is SO WEIRD

I loved Ace of Base when I was growing up. Who didn't? The four-member Swedish pop group sure knew their way around a catchy tune. I decided to revisit Ace of Base’s “The Sign” music video recently after the song popped up on my iPod while I was out running errands; I hadn’t seen it in years! Let me tell you what, I had no idea what I was in for. “The Sign” music video has to be one of the weirdest music videos from the ‘90s. I’m serious: there's something truly bizarre happening in just about every frame… and I had completely forgotten about it somehow.

The clip’s awkward dancing, bad ‘90s fashion, and cheap special effects will probably be enough to get you howling… but if they’re not, the random couples passionately making out in the background of several scenes for no discernible reason will almost certainly do the trick. In other words, it’s perfect. I'll never forget about it again, not for as long as I live!

Below are just a handful of the weirdest moments from Ace of Base's "The Sign" visual. If you haven't seen it in a while (or *gasp* if you've never seen it), you need to check it out as soon as humanly possible. Trust me on this one.

When The Band Emerges From The Darkness Like Nosferatu

The gang's all here! Well, almost. They're just missing this fella:

Now the gang's all here.

When I'm Pretty Sure The Woman On The Right Farted

What's that funky smell?

Dude's going in for a second sniff! Yup, it's a fart all right. Another mystery solved.

When This Person Suddenly Flips Across The Screen

Whoa. What was that??

When This Guy Sees The Sign For The First Time & It's So Beautiful, He Needs A Moment (Or Several)

Gotta love those blue flames.

When... All Of This Happens

I... I don't even know where to begin.

When Things Start To Get Sexy

Get a room, you two!

When This Ankh Comes Flying Right At You! AHHH!

I'm pretty sure that's the much-discussed Sign, you guys.

"THE SIGN!!! F@#$ YEAH!!!"

Tell 'em, Fart Sniffer!

When Fart Sniffer Makes This Sneaky Face

What's he plotting?

When Pirate Sleeves Is Definitely Doing The Macarena In The Background

What can I say? Ace of Base were ahead of their time.

When They Bust Out The Pink Glitter Curtain

"I'm a star! I'm on top! Somebody bring me some haaaaaaaaaam!" - Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

More. Making. Out.

Who invited these randy randoms, anyway? The nerve.

When This Woman Walks Through Fire In Her Pajamas

Just casually strolling through some flames in her PJs. No biggie!


Get a load of that sweet, sweet '90s bowl cut. Got his head lookin' like a big ass bran muffin! I love it.

When There's An Alien Abduction

Either that, or it was simply time for her to return to her home planet. Bye! We'll miss you!


I must say, those candles are setting the mood quite nicely...

"Don't you see The Sign? It's right over there!"



Images: Ace of Base (Official)/YouTube (20); Giphy