21 Stylish Cardigans For The Office To Take You From Summer To Fall

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Yes, it's summer which means that it's currently very, very hot outside. Most likely you're only interested in wearing as little clothing as possible. That's all very well and good, until you step into the office on Monday morning and realize with a shiver that the air conditioning is cranked all the way up. It's hard to concentrate on your work when you're uncomfortably cold. It's a good idea to keep a cute, work-appropriate sweater at your desk for this purpose. If it happens to be lightweight enough to continue wearing when you go out for the evening, perfect. And if it also happens to be versatile enough to carry on wearing it into the fall, even better. Here are 21 stylish cardigans that will keep you covered up and warm (but not too warm), whether you're wearing it in July or October.

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