Chic Basics Brand Everlane Brings On Big New Hire

San Francisco based clothing start-up Everlane just scooped up Gap's former creative director. As seen in Business of Fashion, Rebekka Bay is Everlane's new creative director and will officially start her role on August 4th. Bay's characteristically minimalistic style aesthetic is bound to influence Everlane's designs in a stunning way.

Though it will take 12 to 18 months for shoppers to see Bay's influence on the brand, she is already chomping at the bit to get to work. Bay shared with Business of Fashion, "My mission is to [communicate] the Everlane vision so that you’re never in doubt when you’re touching or wearing an Everlane product... I'm excited to be with a smaller brand, a smaller team, and to be touching the product more... This feels like a bigger challenge." Her enthusiasm is all kinds of inspirational, and exactly what the brand needs to keep on growing and change the world of fast fashion trends.

Everlane is definitely a growing brand, and will undoubtedly see even more success with Bay on the team. If you haven't already swooned for the company's gorgeous, slow fashion offerings, here are five reasons why you're definitely about to.

1. Sustainably Sourced Products

Letting consumers know exactly where their products came from is a core value at Everlane, and the site posts pictures from its factories across the globe.

2. Affordable Basics

Michael Preysman founded Everlane as a direct-to-consumer, online-only brand to help save consumers money and ensure supply chain transparency. For every item, the website displays the Everlane price along side "traditional" retail costs with standard mark-ups. The silk camisole above would've cost $130 dollars in stores. Nice.

Silk Camisole, $55, Everlane

3. Support For Charitable Causes

Everlane is all about cultivating sustainable communities beyond fashion. Hoping to raise $50,000 dollars for Edible Schoolyard NYC, the brand teamed up with five famous chefs to design unique totes and all profits go straight toward the cause.

The Chef Tote, $45, Everlane

4. All-Star Staff

Brian Ach/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The staff at Everlane is young, but comes from a variety of dang impressive backgrounds. Employees have held design positions with American Apparel, Marc Jacobs, J.Crew, Goldman Sachs, Pentagram, and, of course, Gap. Yowza.

5. Stand-Out Accessories

Beyond clothing, Everlane is also one of my favorite places to shop for sustainable stationary. The designs are simple, chic, and minimalistic.

Shorthand (10 pack), $25, Everlane

Here's to a new era of Everlane!

Image Credit: Everlane/Instagram; Everlane