Who Is Sandra Bland's Mother?

On Monday, July 13, 28-year-old Sandra Bland was found dead in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas, after being arrested during a traffic stop. In the days since, many questions have been raised about the legality of the traffic stop and actions from police during Bland's arrest, and also about the autopsy report that ruled her death in jail a suicide. Sandra Bland's mother, Geneva Reed-Veal has been very vocal about her daughter's death, and about her intentions to seek justice for her daughter, who many, including Reed-Veal, believe was treated unfairly and perhaps illegally by police.

During the eulogy that Reed-Veal gave to a large crowd during a memorial service held for Bland on Tuesday, Reed-Veal stated that Bland wanted to move from their home in Illinois to Texas in order to help "stop all of the injustices in the South," according to the Dallas Morning News. Read-Veal also stated, "Once I put this baby in the ground, I’m ready ... This means war," and "Something occurred that is going to change the world." Reed-Veal also expressed that she did not feel it was possible that Bland had committed suicide.

Residing in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb just outside of Chicago, Bland has said that she and her daughter had a rocky relationship, but that the two of them went on a road trip together, not long before Bland's arrest and death, where they were able to resolve many of their past problems, according to The Guardian.

Reed-Veal did not speak with the media after the memorial service held for her daughter on Tuesday, but said that she would speak further with the press once she returned home to Illinois. Reed-Veal has since given her first interview to Al Sharpton on PoliticsNation, where she stated that her first reaction to footage of Bland's arrest video was one of "disgust." She also further expressed her disbelief regarding her daughter's alleged suicide. Sharpton asked Reed-Veal if she was feeling confident that the police investigation would reveal the truth. Reed-Veal laughed lightly, and responded, "I have faith in God.... Faith in man I do not have right now."

When asked how she would like her daughter to be remembered, Reed-Veal, affectionately referring to Bland as "Sandy," told Sharpton that she would like people to remember her as "an activist, sassy, smart, and she knew her rights." She then encouraged everyone to research and learn their rights, and said she wants to channel her anger into something "so much greater" than the tragic death of her daughter.

Image: Screenshot/ MSNBC