How To "Squinch" Like Kylie Jenner & Other Celebs

Tyra Banks may have popularized the term "smizing," but there's another selfie hack called "squinching" that is just now getting the attention it deserves. What is squinching? It's a process of tightening your lower eyelid and dropping the top one just a tiny bit, photographer Peter Hurley (who coined the term two years ago), explained to Who What Wear.

Bustle's Sara Tan even wrote about how knowing how to squinch will help you take the most flattering photo, and it's just as important to keep in mind when taking that selfie, along with understanding your angles and finding the perfect pose.

Now that the secret's out — there's even a squinching video tutorial — it's super easy to find others who have mastered this confident pose. While it's perfectly fine to practice the squinch in front of a mirror, finding inspiration from others can also be just as fun. Just look through your Instagram or Twitter feed and find hundreds of photos, perhaps even some of your own, that could definitely fall under this category.

What's not so surprising is the number of celebrities who have mastered the art of squinching, even if some of them haven't talked about it yet in interviews or used it as a hashtag on social media. But you can bet that where there's a selfie, there's a bit of squinch going on in these stars' photos.

Kylie Jenner

The reality star has this look down to a science.


Z's squinch has just the right amount of confident and sass.

Karlie Kloss

The model can turn squinching into a fashion statement.

Demi Lovato

She should change her hit single to "Squinching for the Summer."