Can You Go Overboard With Brow-Shaping?

I feel like the definition of your eyebrows being "on fleek" is most closely associated with them being dramatically filled in and angled. And although that look is super fierce and it just slays on its own, going overboard with brow-shaping is a common mistake according to the website Byrdie that involves using too much product, or one that isn't right for you. This can result in brows that look like you took a thick, chisel ended Sharpie and squeaked it across your face. And seeing as the whole au natural look is becoming extremely popular, less is definitely more these days. Makeup shouldn't change you too much (unless you really want it too), it should just help you flaunt what yo mama gave ya!

I understand if you have sparse brows and you want to fill them in to make them look more defined, but often times it results in super unnatural-looking brows. Usually, it's because the product being used is super pigmented, or it wasn't evened out thoroughly enough with a spoolie. And if you're looking to rock a more natural look, makeup artist Rachelle Blanco, recommends to Byrdie that you choose pencil or powder products that have, "grey-ish undertones."

If a brow product comes out to be too warm, Blanco said, "You can always mix a slate-black powder with any brown or taupe to ‘ash out’ the color."

It's also a great tip to ease the product into your brow so the look isn't too harsh.

If you're new to the world of brows or even if you're looking to try out a new easy-to-use brow product, here are a few that are great for beginners.

1. Anastasia Brow Pencil

This pencil isn't harshly pigmented so it's easy to slowly layer it on and the spoolie does a great job at evening out the product. (Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil, $23,

2. Powder Pencil

Application is light and I love how this pencil offers the look of a powder, without the flakes of normal powder compacts. (Le Crayon Poudre, $26,

3. Creamy Pencil

The creamy texture really makes it easy to blend out. You won't need to use too much product because after you blend it out, your brows will be filled perfectly. (Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil, $24,

Images: Courtesy Brands