5 Ways You Can Stand With Planned Parenthood

If you so much as logged onto Twitter in the past two weeks, you probably either noticed one or both of these two hashtags: #PPSellsBabyParts and #StandWithPP. That's because, last week, a video surfaced that allegedly showed Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, talking about the sale of fetal organs and body parts, and this week a follow-up video was broadcast by the same anti-choice organization Center For Medical Progress. Of course, the Internet was quick to react. Planned Parenthood noted that the video was heavily edited, but that did not stop many Republicans from coming forward and arguing that the organization ought to be defunded. But supporters won't let Planned Parenthood be defunded without putting up a fight, and rightfully so.

After all, Planned Parenthood does a lot of incredibly important work, and defunding it would have consequences that extend far beyond the abortion services it provides. Taking away the organization's resources, as GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry would love to do, would also prevent millions of Americans from accessing their family planning resources, sex education programs, and other reproductive healthcare services. Right now, it is crucial that we stand with Planned Parenthood — it supports a lot of marginalized people who otherwise would not be able to access the type of services it provides. Here's what you can do to help:

Tell Your Congress Members That You Stand With Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood recently wrote a detailed letter to Congress that described its tissue donation policy and refuted the claims of the Center for Medical Progress. One way to show your support for Planned Parenthood as it fights to maintain its funding is to go to the organization's website and sign an abbreviated letter to your members of Congress, asking them to protect women's health.

Tweet Under The #StandWithPP Hashtag

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Don't let the anti-choice realm of Twitter have the last say. Only three percent of Planned Parenthood's services are abortions, but that shouldn't even matter. Show your support by tweeting with the #StandWithPP hashtag — share your own stories or choose from the abundance of online literature that demonstrates the importance and value of Planned Parenthood. Just don't be Adam Baldwin, whose anti-choice tweet really shouldn't be one of the top tweets under the tag.

Sign A Petition

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Another way to show your support is by signing this petition — it has almost reached its goal of 65,000 signatures, and you can push it over the top.

Donate To Planned Parenthood

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Given that we are talking about the possibility of Planned Parenthood being defunded, this one is perhaps the most self-explanatory. However, the ability to donate money is a privilege that not everyone has, so if you are unable to donate, you can also spread the word.

Be A Volunteer

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If you can't donate but you have some time to spare, consider volunteering with Planned Parenthood. Available volunteer opportunities, most of which are for local chapters, range from administrative tasks to advocacy.

At the very least, do not be passive. As anti-choice activists and the political right attempt to tear it down or reduce its credibility, Planned Parenthood needs as much help as it can get from feminists right now.

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