Joe Jonas Called Out by Dylan Sprouse And It's the Best Disney Battle Since Gomez Vs. Lovato

The battle royale to end all Disney battles of the past: The Jonas Brothers vs. The Sprouse Twins. Well, maybe more like Joe Jonas vs. Dylan Sprouse. On Dec. 1, Vulture ran its piece on Joe Jonas and the perils of growing up in the Walt Disney child-fame machine, which basically served as an excuse for Jonas to bash the company that made him and his brothers the most famous boy band of the late 2000s. Early this morning Dylan Sprouse, half of the duo that brought you The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and The Suite Life On Deck, took to his Tumblr account to respond to Jonas playing the victim to Disney's executives and basically called him out in a way we wish we all could for being a very public crybaby.

The Jonas Brothers recently announced their band's split and seem to be assimilating into post-Disney life with less ease than the Sprouse twins (who are pursuing degrees at New York University and working hosting jobs to pay for their expensive gaming habits). It's only natural that Dylan had something to say about Joe victimizing himself. So here's the best responses from Dylan's Tumblr post to Joe's woe-is-me article:

And so we begin... Let's start with what Joe said, and follow it up with Dylan's response.

Bottom line: Open your mouth or don't cry about it later.

Bottom line: You just wanted to be famous, you fell for the glitz and were too afraid to lose it, and you didn't acknowledge that above all else, this is a business.

Bottom line: Again, you could always say no before the situation escalates to you penning a "tell-all".

Bottom line: It took you too long to realize this, Jonas Brothers.

Bottom line: If you don't like what people see, stop whining about it and change it. Crybaby.

Sprouse comes from a unique place, having spent six years under Disney's umbrella as part of a set of brothers, to call Jonas' out on his B.S. victim act. He claims that he and his brother Cole said "NO" when it was necessary and we're inclined to believe him, considering how seamlessly they transitioned from Disney to real life. The Sprouse twins may not have been world-wide phenomena along the lines of the Jonas Brothers, but they lived the life with them. Sprouse also made a good point about Jonas' article in saying:

Maybe the JoBros should've taken notes.