Is Carrying Two Purses The Next Big Trend?

I've put my time and effort into a lot of trends — the middle hair part, '90s tattoo chokers — but the two-purse trend, identified by ELLE, is officially too much for me. If you don't know, designers apparently want us to wear one small purse and one larger one at the same time. Although the extra storage space would be nice, this could just the strangest bag trend since carrying around a tiny dog, Paris Hilton-style.

This is supposed to make life easier, but if you ask me, lugging around not one, but two bags just sounds uncomfortable to me. ELLE suggests that you bring a normal sized bag to keep at your desk and then invest in a micro purse to carry things on-the-go. While your large purse would hold the less important items, like an extra pair of shoes or change-purse, the small one would carry the essentials to get you through happy hour. But I'm not buying it.

Carrying one purse is enough of a hassle. You want me to add another bag that I can easily misplace in addition to that? No, thank you! This is why designers make huge purses; so I can throw everything I need inside and be ready for the day.

Big-name designers like Fendi, Mulberry, and Chloé are peddling matching purse sets for the upcoming seasons, which can be styled in the same hand for an almost layered effect or stacked with one in-hand and another cross-body.

While the layering looks a bit odd and seems really clunky, I can see this being more practical if you actually store the small bag inside the larger one for the office. That said, I'm still not jumping on board with this one. I'm looking to carry around less stuff, not more!

But to those ladies who are willing to rock the trend, by all means let me know what I'm out on missing. If by some weird chance I am wrong and this is the best thing that ever happened to fashion, then you will shortly see an apology. Until then, I'm keeping the bags to a minimum.