The Cast of 'Matilda' Reunites and Reminds Us How Terrible These 10 Movie Parents Were

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BAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW. Your favorite childhood fairytale is back and ready to give you your next "Good cry because I needed it." Mara Wilson recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about her iconic role as the sweet and magical Matilda to coincide with the film's release on Blu Ray. The cast reunited for the special features and it's simply delightful to behold.

The 1996 film was directed by co-star Danny DeVito who played the smarmy, terrible father Harry Wormwood. He joined his then-wife Rhea Pearlman as Mrs. Wormwood and Pam Ferris as the Trunchbull to play the absolute WORST villains in family film history. I still cringe at the thought of going in the chokey. Our hero Matilda may have ended up happily ever after with Ms. Honey, but the horrible behavior of her actual parents will have left her with years and years of future therapy.

The Wormwoods aren't' the only awful parents to traumatize films that are made for kids and families. Because, you know, Disney might kill a lot of parents, but it really takes some messed up writing to torture kids with villainous ones. Think your parents were bad? Take a look at these monsters.

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