The Cast of 'Matilda' Reunites and Reminds Us How Terrible These 10 Movie Parents Were

BAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW. Your favorite childhood fairytale is back and ready to give you your next "Good cry because I needed it." Mara Wilson recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about her iconic role as the sweet and magical Matilda to coincide with the film's release on Blu Ray. The cast reunited for the special features and it's simply delightful to behold.

The 1996 film was directed by co-star Danny DeVito who played the smarmy, terrible father Harry Wormwood. He joined his then-wife Rhea Pearlman as Mrs. Wormwood and Pam Ferris as the Trunchbull to play the absolute WORST villains in family film history. I still cringe at the thought of going in the chokey. Our hero Matilda may have ended up happily ever after with Ms. Honey, but the horrible behavior of her actual parents will have left her with years and years of future therapy.

The Wormwoods aren't' the only awful parents to traumatize films that are made for kids and families. Because, you know, Disney might kill a lot of parents, but it really takes some messed up writing to torture kids with villainous ones. Think your parents were bad? Take a look at these monsters.

by Rachel Semigran

'Mrs. Doubtfire'

Sure, the whole dressing in drag to spend time with your kids as their maid is some sort of sign of affection. Or sociopathic obession that is really quite terrifying when you think about it. Your wife left you for being neglectful and childish. MOVE ON.

Image: SpaceCadet/Tumblr

'Finding Nemo'

Marlin came through in the end buuuuut the whole not letting your kid grow up and being a huge jerk to Dori the whole time didn't exactly make him Father of the Year.

Image: TotalFilm/Tumblr

'Home Alone'

Seriously, it took you until you were on the PLANE to figure out you left Kevin at home? You better give him all the pepsi and plain cheese pizza for all of eternity after that.

Image: KnitYorkCity

'Ever After'


Image: WiffleGif


You want to take out my eyes and sew buttons on my face? Yeah... NOPE.

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'James and the Giant Peach'

Poor James and his horrible aunts. It's bad enough the kid lost his parents, as most tragic kid story heroes do... but then to be stuck with his awful AWFUL evil aunties? Oh James, we want to sail away on a giant peach with you, too.


'Star Wars' — Darth Vader

The absolute definition of daddy issues.

Image: Tumblr

'Mean Girls' — Mrs. George

I'm pretty sure any mom who enstates happy hour for high schoolers is the actual worst.

Image: ThoughtCatalog

'The Little Mermaid' — King Triton

Gee King Triton, if you weren't such a controlling ego maniac your daughter would have probably stuck around. Also, don't make your daughter perform in front of your sea kingdom like some weird trophies on display, they're human! Sort of.

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'Tangled' — Mother Gothel

Abducting a child and then imprisoning said child in a tower and stealing said child's youth by some scary sorcery. YIKES.

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