Here's The Type Of Hair Mask You Should Really Use

by Miki Hayes

We've learned about the importance of amping up our use of deep conditioners during the winter. And it makes sense: Drier weather equals the need for more hydration. But it's still essential to use hair masks during the summer. Maybe it seems a little counterintuitive, especially when we're using lighter-weight moisturizers and lotions for our face and body. But even though hair is exposed to more humidity than it is during the colder months, it's also exposed to a stronger sun, and probably an abundance of chlorinated and salt water as well. And these latter variables can certainly wreak havoc on strands.

Because there are still quite a few factors that can cause dryness, damage, and breakage for hair, it is necessary to have a supplement that will replenish moisture and strength. But much like moisturizer, a hair mask will work more efficiently if it's tailored to your hair type. And once you have a mask that will work keep your locks healthy, make sure to use it at least once a week in place of your usual conditioner. Not sure what to try? Here are some of the best hair masks for fine, natural, coarse, curly, and color-treated hair:

Fine Hair

Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus, $18, Ulta

Because fine hair can be easily weighed down, it's important to find a mask that is lightweight. This mask won't leave locks feeling heavy and will even strengthen hair from the inside while it moisturizes.

Natural Hair

Marula Deep Moisture Hair Mask Intense Conditioning Treatment, $36, Sephora

Natural hair is extremely susceptible to dryness and damage. So intense hydration that actually absorbs is a must. This mask even rebalances the scalp and improves hair's elasticity so it won't break as easily.

Coarse Hair

L'Oreal Paris Oleo Therapy Deep Recovery Mask, $9, Ulta

Coarse hair can be harder for moisture to penetrate, so a deeply nourishing formula is always a plus. This mask features six flower oils to restore and revive dull hair.

Curly Hair

Ouidad Curl Recovery Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask, $44, Sephora

Curly hair requires a mask that will do all the usual repairs but also control frizz and tangles. This one restores and smooths hair while providing protection against future damage.

Color-Treated Hair

Bamboo UV+ Color Protection Rehab Deep Hydration Masque, $26, Sephora

Chemically and color-treated hair are some of the most sensitive strands. Because dyed locks are more susceptible to dryness, damage, and breakage, it's important to have a mask that not only deeply hydrates but also protects color from fading. This one even offers UV protection for a little extra damage control.

Images: StockSnap; Courtesy of Brands