'Game Of Thrones' Sesaon 4 Details, Plus Some Cute

There is a long, sad stretch between early summers and early springs — that stretch is when Game of Thrones is off the air. Luckily for us, the official Game of Thrones Instagram is determined to be consistently adorable during that time, so we've got some mighty cute pictures of the cast along with what we can gather about Game of Thrones Season 4.

This series is obviously based off of books, so it's not like we don't all have access to the vast majority of what the characters' futures hold. But let's do some hunter-gathering of things specific to what people have said is coming up for the show, and let's be as veiled and cryptic as possible around how we know book plots will factor in (basically: limited spoilers, but teases abound):

  • There will be a big wedding. Big things will happen at it. And yes, they do know they had another big wedding where big things occurred last season. This one will be different... but also big.
  • We will get a new face for Danaerys Targaryen love interest Daario Naharis — they recast the last actor and now he's going to be played by Liam from Nashville. This was reported quite a while ago but we're really attracted to Liam from Nashville so it's important.
  • This season isn't going to be sticking exactly with the second half of the third Song of Ice and Fire book; they've also got to start working in things from books four and five if they want to finish this series before Arya's collecting social security (not that we suspect Westeros has much in the way of that). So expect a whooole bunch of new characters and whole lotta stuff — they've got to pack in a lot.
  • The season's penultimate episode, much like that of Season 2's "Blackwater," will focus around an epic battle. It will likely be called (spoiler?) "Castle Black." In a cheery quote, episode director Neil Marshall said that "There are a few beheadings in there, as is my wont! And yeah, we got to blow some people up, set people on fire and do quite a few high falls. There's a lot of very physical action and a lot of fighting — sword fights and physical fights. We pack quite a lot of stuff in there." Yay?

To distract you from the imminent beheadings (although this is Game of Thrones, what else do you expect?) let's look at some cute photos of the Game of Thrones cast hanging out with the Pop!Vinyl toy miniatures of themselves. Because adorable.

Images: Instagram