Lululemon Is Making A Limited Edition Beer In Partnership With Stanley Park Brewing & 5 Other Brands That Should Follow Suit

There's nothing quite like drinking a cold beer when you need to cool down, and I've definitely had my fair share of post-workout drinks (don't judge). It only makes sense that Lululemon is making its own beer called "Curiosity Lager" in partnership with with Stanley Park Brewing in Vancouver. The limited edition beer will only produce about 80,000 cans, so get your hands on them, quick!

The Canadian brands are joining forces here—did you know that Lululemon started in America's top hat? Lululemon unveiled the big news on Instagram with a caption reading, "Meet Curiosity Lager." And the can design couldn't be any cuter, with some cityscapes illustrations done by Karston Smith, topped off with Lululemon's classic logo.

Doug Devlin, Stanley Park's director of marketing told CBC News, "I think Lululemon, by extension, is interested in talking to a more male beer-drinking crowd. Just because you’re a yogi, doesn’t mean you won’t have an occasion for beer.” Boy, is he right. This venture fits right in with Lululemon's push for their mens brand, Lululemon Men.

Really though, what's a better reward after a hot yoga session than a cold brew? As for the type of beer—it "features lemon drops and chinook hops," according to YahooStyle. These cans will be given out at the Seawheeze half marathon, an annual event that's happening on August 15th.

Once again, it seems like brands are moving towards more of an experience—a lifestyle. I applaud you, Lululemon, for merging two of my interests into one lane, and here are five more brands that I'd love to see a limited edition beer out of.

1. Madewell

Perhaps my favorite brand in the game, I can just picture the light beer with a boho-luxe themed can. Throw those in one of Madewell's classic totes, and you've basically got a recipe for a great night. Or day.

2. Uniqlo

I bet their beer would be of good quality and consistent—just like their brand. The Japanese brand would make some killer seasonal beers.

3. Jeremy Scott

Could you imagine the can design on this beer? I would purchase it for that, alone. There wouldn't even need to be beer in it—I'd buy a six pack and hang them up in my bedroom. I'm thinking a sour beer for Mr. Scott here, one with a real kick.

4. Warby Parker

Buy a beer, donate a bottle of clean water? It would be a lovable lager to bring to your friend's BBQ or to simply just kick back with.

5. Levi's

It's your All-American classic beer. Crisp and clean, just like the lines on a pair of their 510's.

Images: @lululemon/Instagram, Madewell, Uniqlo, Jeremy Scott, Warby Parker, Levi's