These Dances Make Neptune A 'SYTYCD' Frontrunner

I don't care if my bias is showing, I am totally rooting for Eddie "Neptune" Eskridge to win So You Think You Can Dance this year. First off, he is completely adorable. Secondly, I just cannot help it, I am totally hooked on his story. He auditioned for the show two separate times (2011 and 2014) making it all the way to Las Vegas both times before being cut from the show. This year, he rallied and made it to the Top 20, and and I am oh-so glad he did, because he is killing it on the show so far. What's even crazier is that he has no formal training, and all of his dance moves are self-taught.

Besides having a really impressive background and providing motivation to never give up on your dreams, Neptune also has the dance chops to go all the way this season. I know it's still too early to name a clear frontrunner, but if he won it'd be even more exciting than anyone else, because he's fought so hard to be on SYTYCD. To keep that hope alive, here are Neptune's five best, gravity-defying that prove why he deserves the win.

When He Got Ill With Megz & J

So much attitude, so much style. It's hard to upstage these two really strong dancers, but he manages to do this seamlessly.

Running It In The Halls

The video quality is not quite as good, but his crazy dance skills come through loud and clear. I don't even understand how he can contort that way, but I'm so glad he can.

Dance-Fighting Like A Champ

It's like breakdance fighting, only way more beautiful.

Going Body Positive & Retro Fabulous

It's a Broadway medley that had him showing off his slow dancing, his fake-instrument playing, and his flawless high kicks. Fantastic stuff.

That Time He Looked Like He Was On Fast-Forward

Before So You Think You Can Dance, Neptune was just another YouTube hopeful, only one with buckets of dancing skills. It litterally loks like he is moving in fast and slow motion here. Completely incredible. I can't wait to see what moves he shows off on SYTYCD next.

Image: FOX