Portman Wasn't The One Kissing Thor

If you thought Thor and Jane Foster's epic kiss at the end of the credits for Thor: The Dark World looked a bit too passionate to be just acting, it looks like you were on to something: In a new interview with the New York Daily News, Natalie Portman revealed that she wasn't kissing Chris Hemsworth at the end of Thor: The Dark World — it was actually a stand-in, who just so happened to be Hemsworth's wife. So, you know, no acting needed there.

"It was for reshoots [after the film was finished], and [Hemsworth] was working in Hong Kong and I couldn't get there because I was working on my own film," Portman explained to the newspaper. Apparently, Hemsworth immediately recruited his wife of three years, Elsa Pataky, to stand-in for Portman. "And so they put his wife in my wig and costume — that's why it was so passionate," Portman continued. "It was such a perfect solution, wasn't it?"

Pataky, who appeared in Fast & Furious 6, apparently just filled in for the one scene, and the producers managed to make the entire thing look realistic — but still, it's a funny piece of trivia.

A testament to just how well it all worked out: The film has earned a whopping $186.7 million total at the domestic box office, and, worldwide, it's pulled in about $591 million. Not bad at all.

Image: Marvel