Maria is a born and raised New Yorker, though with her love of farm-fresh food and sprawling mountains, you’d never know it. She’s got a nasty case of wanderlust, but she still has loads of room left in her heart for things that are safe and comfortable, like knitting, tea, and corgi gifs.

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If you spend any time at all on YouTube, Pinterest, or Reddit's beauty boards, odds are you've wondered where to buy cool nail stickers — since they've been popping up everywhere! Loads of people are aiming to emulate Park Eun Kyung's shattered glass look, or bring their favorite Emojis off the screen and onto their fingers. Now, I'm not always on board with current viral beauty obsessions, but this one just plain makes sense. Nail stickers are super affordable and really easy to apply without a…

By Maria Cassano

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This might sound like a bold claim, but meditation is the sole reason I'm still relatively sane. That being said, I wrestled with the "rules" and internal questions ("Am I even doing it right?") for a long time. If it wasn't for these products that make meditation easier, I'm guessing that the frustration alone would've been enough to force me into giving up my practice. The reason I love these products so much is because they taught me one essential concept: there are so many ways to find mind…

By Maria Cassano

Dermatologists Love These 13 Surprising Products

There are a couple ways to go about finding a solid new skin care staple that works for you. That being said, trying out a few products that dermatologists swear by might just be the most reliable method. Sure, you could head to the drug store and blindly pluck a few products off the shelves, but this method is tricky if you're not well-versed in skin care ingredients and the many names they go by. You could also ask your friends what they use every morning, or trust the reviews sections of onli…

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9 Expert-Approved Items That Improve Your Manners

By 19th century standards of etiquette, anecdotes were considered rude and making eye-contact with a stranger was viewed as vulgar. And beauty rituals were another story entirely; people colored their hair with a mixture of lead, sulphur, glycerine, and rain water. Thankfully, things have changed quite a bit since then. In order to stay up to date with today's most important etiquette tips, I got in touch with Diane Gottsman — the national etiquette expert, accomplished speaker, author, and owne…

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