Bee Venom For Your Skin? This Clinically-Proven Line Will Make You A Believer

Sourced straight from the hive.

Written by Jillian Vieira
Courtesy of BeeRx

If you’re wondering what the most productive animal on earth is, you’ll have to think small — really small. Simply put, bees are the original sustainability leader; upholding agricultural economies, fostering healthy ecosystems and capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide are all in a day’s work. But the buzzy creature’s latest role? Skin care saviour.

Enter Bee Rx, purveyor of 100% natural skin care solutions with clinically proven results. Throughout the line, just five highly effective (and naturally sourced) ingredients do the work of top shelf alternatives. Medical grade Kanuka honey, a potent resource native to New Zealand, makes the coveted list. The cousin of more well-known (but less powerful) Manuka honey, this anti-inflammatory substance has a do-it-all reputation on the skin: healing wounds, strengthening the barrier, soothing redness and reigniting radiance.

But bee venom — yes, you heard us right — stars as Bee Rx’s buzziest ingredient. When applied to the skin, this long-used substance causes a small amount of temporary swelling that “irons out” wrinkles, leaving it smoother and more radiant. Backed by clinically tested cred (and FYI, the only bee venom cosmetic brand to undergo this kind of rigorous research) Bee Rx has honed in on a precisely effective dose for this active ingredient to work its natural magic.

Wondering just how they source that precious bee venom? Both carefully and sustainably. Rest assured, no bees are harmed during this humane process called milking. It involves putting a glass plate near the hive and running a tiny amount of electricity through it. The bees then attack the glass, depositing small concentrations of venom to be collected for the products. Since their stingers cannot penetrate the glass, the bees remain happy and healthy.

Together, the combination of bee venom and medical-grade Kanuka honey acts as a dupe for injectable treatments, delivering the same visible benefits like firmer skin, plumper lips and a minimised appearance of wrinkles.

Read on for more details on Bee Rx’s three-product lineup — a holistic trifecta that seamlessly fit into your everyday routine.

The Instant Smoothing Serum

The Fuller Lip Treatment

The Youthful Eye Concentrate