17 Oud Perfumes For Winter 2024 That Embrace “Dark Feminine Energy”

Eau so exotic.

Here are the best oud perfumes for 2024 from Byredo, Kayali, Louis Vuitton, & more fragrance houses.
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Oud, otherwise referred to as agarwood or “wood of Gods,” is a precious essential oil that is extracted from the rainforest-native Aquilaria tree. Only when the Aquilaria tree has been infected by a particular fungus, however, can oud be created from its fragrant resin known as “oleoresin.”

Mostly sourced from places like Thailand, Vietnam, Cabodia, and India, oud is truly all things rare and luxurious. In the artful world of perfumery, too, the raw material brings with it a uniquely powerful aroma that lends to its recognizably bold nature.

“Oud is an exceptional note that has always fascinated me,” Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, a Firmenich master perfumer and creator of the oud-filled Myriad perfume à la Louis Vuitton, tells Bustle. “[Oud is] a wood so precious it’s known as ‘black gold.’”

What Does Oud Smell Like?

Olfactively, oud is a dark woody note that is just as luxe and exotic as its origin sounds. When present in a fragrance, it naturally lies in the base notes or signature of the scent, which means its scent holds more “weight” and lasts much longer on skin.

In a few words? Belletrud describes oud to be “animalic, woody, and spicy.”

17 Oud-Filled Perfumes


“In Myriad, oud melts perfectly with the bath of light provided by the various rose and geranium extracts, creating a powerful and contrasted signature,” Belletrud explains. “Those very intense [oud] notes make the fragrance special and give allure to the perfume.”


A new launch from Kayali that marries with intensity of oud with the nostalgic sweetness of vanilla, OUDGASM VANILLA OUD | 36 is made all the more powerful and seductive with the essences of spicy saffron and sugary praline.


A perfume that immediately transports you to a magical moment spent staring at the glistening night sky, Under The Stars is brimming with notes of oud, leather, black pepper, and cinnamon leaves.


An aroma that embodies warmth and freedom, OUD Satin Mood is filled with the essences of leathery oud, vibrant violet flowers, exotic rose oil, and a vanilla amber accord.


A velvety cologne that truly has no gender, Velvet Rose & Oud Intense is where the soft femininity of rose petals meets the spiciness of clove-spiked oud.


Oud Wood is all things earthy, smoky, and sensually spiced, as the aromas of oud, sandalwood, rosewood, and amber swirl around you.


A limited edition launch from KILIAN Paris, Rose Oud smells like a burning bouquet of fiery red roses, with the essences of cinnamon, saffron, and worn leather that bring the heat.


Named after the color violet, which represents royalty and nobility, Purple Oud sparkles with the scents of vibrant pink pepper, lively orange, smooth oud, and a hint of spiced saffron.


Inspired by the sentiment that “oud is the most notorious ingredient in perfume,” Notorious Oud is darkly complex thanks to saffron, rose lavender, papyrus, and beyond.


Sophisticated, sensual, and smoky, Oud Immortel features notes of bright limoncello, nostalgic incense, warm cardamom, and dry woods.


With a bouquet of iris and rose flowers grounded by the long-lasting aroma of oud wood, La Vie Est Belle L'Extrait is a warm invitation to come closer.


Inspired by the popular aromas of the Middle East, Another Oud houses the scents of juicy raspberry, earthy oud, and cloud-like musk.


Agar Épicé is smoky and spiced, as the essences of otherworldly oud, complex guaiac wood, smooth sandalwood, and worn leather swirl around you.


A fragrance mist that is refreshing and light, In The Stars is defined by notes of smooth sandalwood musk, warm amber, sugared tangelo, and sheer white oud.


Richly decadent, juicy, and warm, Cherry Oud smells just as it sounds, pairing the sultry combination of cherry notes with the aromas of roses and woods.


A layer-friendly fragrance that is dark and woody, Oud can be worn alone or beneath any of your favorite scents for some added depth and longevity.


Inspired by a sprawling desert touched by the sun’s first morning light, Les Sables Roses has a heart filled with two different qualities of rose, which is enhanced by the scents of warm oud, spicy black pepper, and resinous ambergris.