TikTok Has Spoken: Here’s The One Glow Enhancer That Does It All

It’s been going viral for a reason.

Written by Marissa Oliva

When you get a makeup product recommendation from someone who is in front of the camera every single day, you buy it immediately. At least that’s what we did after hearing TikTok star Vienna Skye’s must-haves. If you follow her, you’ll know Skye looks unfailingly fresh and radiant in all of her videos, whether she’s taking us along for a ride in the car with her best friend or doing a GRWM. That fresh-faced radiance can be attributed to a daily go-to in her routine, the L’Orèal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion, a product she actually discovered from TikTok — which just goes to show the power of authentic recommendations, especially the ones you receive from connections you admire. Ahead, everything you need to know about why she loves it, how she uses it, and social media’s influence on her own makeup routine.

On Being Influenced Herself

Just because she’s an influencer in her own right doesn’t mean she’s exempt from being influenced by trends and other creators. In fact, social media is how she was turned on to Lumi Glow Lotion in the first place. “I bet I’m not the only one who’s tried a beauty product or trend they’ve seen on TikTok” says Skye. “Whether it’s glittery makeup or glazed donut nails, I’ve tried them all. My current obsession is the Lumi Glotion.”

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On Lumi Glotion’s Versatility

If you haven’t seen the product on social media yourself, know this: The lightweight liquid is a unicorn in the very saturated complexion market. That’s because it literally does it all. One of its popular multi-faceted uses include using a deeper shade as a shimmery bronzer that gives skin a healthy-looking “I just got back from vacation” glow. The four flexible shade offerings also serve as a primer, sheer foundation, highlighter, contour and even a full body luminizer. “For summer, the main focus of my current makeup routine is a dewy look that enhances my natural skin and shows off my freckles. Lumi Glotion gives me a radiant glow all day long and compliments my skin rather than covers it up,” says Skye. “For everyday, I use the Light shade all over my face because it gives me an elevated natural look in under two minutes! When I want to add a bit of dimension, I use the Medium shade underneath my cheekbones and on my forehead.”

On Its Ease of Use

Similar products on the market tend to utilize doe-foot applicators, but Skye actually prefers Lumi Glotion’s squeeze tube format. “With the tube packaging I feel like I know exactly how much I’m getting and can apply the exact amount I want,” says Skye. “Because I use it on my collarbones and arms quite frequently, the tube application allows for more product to come out at once.” The precise nozzle also means she can squeeze out a little or a lot at a time, depending on what she’s using it for.

On Her Favorite Makeshift Travel Hack

Her on-the-go trick? “I love using the Lumi Glotion on my eyes like an illuminating shadow. This hack is especially useful while traveling because I can skip packing an eyeshadow palette.”

On Her Favorite Glowy Applications

Take a peek at Skye’s feed and you’ll notice that her glowing skin extends way past her chin. That’s Lumi Glotion at work, which you can use as an all-over body skin enhancer for a bronze-y or ethereal, luminous look, depending on the vibe you’re going for. “I love applying the Lumi Glotion across my collarbones and arms. I’ve been doing this for all of my events lately and it gives me such a healthy glow, especially in photos.”