These product picks from Bustle Editors will make your life measurably better this spring.


MAKE Cosmetics Face Gloss

MAKE Cosmetics Face Gloss helps create a glossy eye without running and smearing throughout the day. Layer it over eyeshadow for an editorial wet look, or wear it alone if you want to look super dewy and give your eyes a bit of shine without a lot of time.

Pixi Skintreats Rose Tonic

This updated version of Pixi's cult-favorite Glow Tonic is made for sensitive skin. It smells amazing, the color is fantastic, and it provides gentle exfoliation without irritation.

Billie Razors

Created to eliminate the "Pink Tax" that causes women's razors to cost more than men's, Billie delivers four razor refill cartridges as often as you need them — for just nine bucks.

oVertone Rose Gold

oVertone's Deep Treatment and Daily Conditioners deposit semi-permanent color into your hair without doing any damage! Plus, the brand just launched a version specifically for brunettes, so more people can get in on the fun.


Furbo Dog Camera

Now you can keep tabs on and reward your fur babies from anywhere, thanks to this camera that tosses treats with the press of a button on your phone.

Mark & Graham Phone Charging Bracelet

As long as you're wearing this bracelet, you'll always have an iPhone charger on hand. Available in two sizes and four colors, it holds a charge for up to 30 days, and can get your iPhone back up to 50 percent battery life in 40 minutes. You can also get it monogrammed for an additional $9.50, if you’re feeling fancy.

Samsung GS9 in Midnight Black

Think of the possibilities when you pair the Samsung Galaxy S9 with Boost’s super-reliable and super-fast network. Capture every unmissable moment like a pro, day or night, and share them with the world using Unlimited Gigs. Plus, with 3 lines for just $100 a month and 20 GB of mobile hotspot on each line, you can get the features you love and the data you need without breaking the bank!

Nintendo Switch

Whether you prefer to play video games at home, on the go, or a little bit of both, Nintendo's latest system allows you to get your Super Mario on anywhere.

Felix Gray Computer Glasses

These glasses filter out blue light from screens, which has been reported to reduce eye strain and headaches. Now, the brand offers frames with your prescription as well!


'Can't Help Myself: Lessons & Confessions From A Modern Advice Columnist' by Meredith Goldstein

Not sure HOW to start upgrading your life? Why not start by reading a book of advice...written by an actual advice columnist. Boston Globe columnist Meredith Goldstein takes readers on a journey through the things SHE learned in the process of helping other people figure out their lives, and it might just be the inspiration you need to start figuring things out.

Well Read Black Girl

Well-Read Black Girl is an online community and IRL book club dedicated to celebrating and uplifting the voices of black women in literature. Just sign up for the bi-monthly newsletter for all the information you need about book club selections, New York City meet-ups, and the hashtags you need to interact with the community online.

'Bygone Badass Broads: 52 Forgotten Women Who Changed the World' by Mackenzi Lee

Need some inspiration to take life by the horns and kick butt this spring? Look no further than MacKenzie Lee's new book: Bygone Badass Broads, which profiles 52 women who completely changed the course the history. Beginning with women in fifth century BC and extending to the modern day, this inspiring book is beautifully illustrated and packs a serious feminist punch.

'By The Book' Podcast

Have you ever wondered whether or not self-help books, well... actually help? Comedians Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer have wondered the exact same thing. Before recording each episode of their "By The Book" podcast, the two women read a different self-help book — then apply the rules of that book to their own lives for two whole weeks. The results are sometimes helpful, sometimes unhelpful, but always interesting.


Corkcicle Cooler Bag

Launching in May, this cooler backpack is designed to keep your wine of choice chilled, but they're so cute you'll probably wanna wear them every day.


Hungry, but not sure what you want to eat? Sign up for deliveries from MunchPak and receive a customized box of international snacks at your door once a week. Just choose your favorite flavor profiles, pick the size of your box, and set up a shipment schedule that's convenient for you. The snacks change every time, but you'll always find something you like.


Instant coffee that actually tastes good is possible — and Dripkit is proof. These disposable, single-cup, pour-over packets fit on top of most mugs, and can easily be toted around with you wherever you go. Then, when the need for caffeine strikes, all you have to do is add hot water. It tastes expertly brewed, even though you made it in seconds.

Evine Air Fryer

Air fryers allow you to crisp up your food without dealing with messy vats of oil! This one is small enough to keep on your kitchen counter, and comes in loads of cute colors.


New Wave Shower Filter With Aromatherapy Diffuser Ring

Turn your boring old shower into a mini spa with this aromatherapy diffuser. The showerhead filters chlorine out of your water, and includes a ring that holds your favorite essential oil.

The Shift by Komuso

This sleek metal necklace slows your breath when you exhale through it, helping facilitate breathing exercises to reduce anxiety. It's impossible to exhale through The Shift quickly, so it forces you to slow your breathing, which can be a big part of calming anxiety. The tiny cylindrical device comes in finishes like silver and rose gold, and actually looks cute along with having a practical function.

Casper Essential Mattress

Casper’s new Essential Mattress comes with all the perks of a quality mattress, but not the price tag. A twin-size starts at $350, and each mattress features three luxurious layers of foam designed to help you sleep better. It’s also available for immediate pick-up at select Target stores, meaning you don’t have to let the stress of delivery keep you up at night. Choose from six different (affordable) sizes.

Flex Menstrual Discs

You'll barely feel these flexible, disposable menstrual discs, which can be worn for up to 12 hours during your period. They're smaller than a tampon, but can hold five times as much liquid. Plus, 70 percent of people who have tried them say they helped to reduce period cramps. Sign up for a membership, and have FLEX delivered to you every month like clockwork.

Photographer: Keith E. Morrison